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OmniDesk Pro 2020 – A Gamer’s Dream Desk

It’s not hard to get overwhelmed searching for a gaming desk these days.

For starters, there are more companies making gamer desks today than ever before. There are more models to pick and choose from, more configurations to sift through, and more decisions to make about your new desk than maybe ever before.

Combine that with the fact that a lot of people are looking for a desk that can double as a productivity platform and a gaming hub makes things even more challenging.

That was until we got our hands on the OmniDesk Pro 2020.

Engineered from the ground up to give gamers the perfect foundation to build out there ideal gaming desk with every aspect of this desk has been carefully thought through and designed to improve the gaming experience without sacrificing productivity along the way.

The desk itself is smartly planned out with built-in height risers, has fantastic ergonomics straight out of the box, and is made from premium materials.

What’s even more impressive, though, is that you will be able to fully fleshed out and customize your desk thanks to the accessories from OmniDesk – accessories built specifically to pair with the OmniDesk Pro 2020 in several different ways to give you more control over this desk than anything else on the market.

If you’ve been dreaming about a desk that can effortlessly transition from remote work at home to gaming sessions and then back again – with absolutely no headache or hassle along the way – the OmniDesk Pro 2020 is where you’re going to want to focus your attention.

Everything Starts with the OmniDesk Pro 2020 Desk

The OmniDesk Pro 2020 model has been significantly improved from the already impressive original version, making it the most impressive Sit/Stand desk on the market today in a couple of different unique ways.

For starters, the actual frame itself has been tweaked and modified a bit compared to the original. This has resulted in a sturdier and more solid experience, one that is going to stay rock solid and stable even when loaded down with your desktop/laptop, monitor (or monitors), and anything else you have on the desk – even when you raise or lower the frame to heights that you have total control over.

On top of that, when you do adjust the height of the OmniDesk Pro 2020 you’re going to be able to move at a speed of 43 mm/s. This is significantly faster than the 36 mm/s that most desks raise at, all without having to sacrifice any of the stability that we highlighted a moment ago.

The clean, minimalist style design is gorgeous – regardless of whether you decide to go with the “standard” squared-off black frame or the white 60-inch ergonomically curved version.

High-quality construction materials are found throughout the desk. The frame itself is made from metal alloys that are super lightweight yet ridiculously durable and strong, and the tops are available in MDF that has been carefully primed, painted, and sealed (with zero formaldehyde, VOC free, and non-toxic sealers) as well as a unique eco-friendly bamboo material (in limited quantities).

Add in four individual and programmable height pre-sets, anti-collision technology that has been vastly improved from the previous version, and smart engineering decisions that have increased stability and lowered lateral movement of the desk by more than 50% and it’s not hard to see why so many people go crazy for the OmniDesk Pro 2020 model.

Effortless Cable Management

Gamers want to make sure that they have absolutely zero distractions whether they are competing in a high-stakes FPS tournament or booting up their favourite sports title.

You don’t want your gaming hardware – especially your gaming mouse – to get tangled up in cords and cables, and you certainly don’t want any peripherals cluttering up the workspace of your desk, either.

Cable Management Rails

Dedicated cable management is available on every OmniDesk Pro 2020 model (previously only available on 72-inch desks), helping you to keep things clean, to keep things organized, and to keep things uncluttered without having to route and run cables all over the underneath surface of your desk.

Cable channels inside of this hideaway drawer keep things off the top of your desk but also keep cables from dangling beneath your desk, too. Everything hides away inside of this dedicated channel, making it effortless to run new cords and cables as necessary – all while keeping that clean, uncluttered look so many people are after.

Power on Demand

Pop-up power on demand can be integrated right into your OmniDesk Pro 2020 model just by adding the Motorized Power Riser column from the folks at OmniDesk.

This is a purpose-built accessory engineered specifically for the OmniDesk Pro 2020, providing motorized pop-up power (multiple outlets and USB connections) for all of your dedicated power needs.

Motorised Power Riser

Never again are you going to have to run cables and wires all over your desk and your floor just power your devices.

When you need power you can press a button to move the motorized column into position (otherwise sits flush against the top of your desk), can plug things into the multiple outlets available, and when you’re done can disconnect and return this column to the flush position again.

This is a hugely important accessory for those that want to stream their gaming sessions as well as those that want to be able to charge up all their mobile devices while they are jumping into the fray in the world of online gaming.

It sure beats bootleg rigging a power strip under your desk and dealing with all that clutter, that’s for sure.

Of course, you can also take advantage of the Power Clamp that gives you access to three standard power outlets, a USB 2.0 and a USB 3.0 slot, USB C slot, HDMI input, as well as CAT3 and CAT 6 ethernet ports – dramatically extending the input options of your gaming PC with a cool little accessory that just clamps right onto the surface of your desk.

Power Clamp

When you don’t need all this extra input you can on clamp the connection and drop it into the cable channel we highlighted above, too. It’s not quite as elegant a solution as the Motorized Power Riser but it does offer a little bit more connectivity and exchange.

An Elegant Hook to Hang Your Headphones

The right headphones can make or break your gaming experience which is why the folks at OmniDesk have gone to great lengths to come up with an elegant headphones hook that connects directly to the side of your desk without ever getting in the way.

Headphones Hook

Closing Thoughts

Strong, durable, and super sleek you’ll be able to snap it into place and have easy access to your headphones whenever you need them, returning them to their storage position to keep your desk surface clean and clutter-free. Combine all these elements – starting from the foundation of the OmniDesk Pro 2020 – and you might never need another gaming desk ever again!