Off Pandora, On Point – A Borderlands 3 Review

In a world where graphics and visual eye candy rules supreme, the Borderlands series has always provided a unique perspective in MMO shooters. Its graphics are reminiscent of comic books come to life, which has been a fun and unique way to look at the world of Pandora in the Borderlands series – until now.

Borderlands 3 takes us to new worlds – Pandora is great, but being able to travel to new worlds is a refreshing bit of fun. We get to play along with new characters and classes, and of course – play with guns. Lots and lots of guns. Even guns with legs!

Revisiting Old Friends

With the amazing return of some of the fan favorites like the sexy and strange Moxxie and the infamous Siren Lilith, playing Borderlands 3 offers a sense of familiarity that makes the gameplay fun and alluring.

Our gameplay is overall familiar with similar mechanics to the rest of the series – but there have been some awesome upgrades.

New Ways to Play

Sliding your way through a battle is a familiar mechanic in other MMO shooters, but is new to Borderlands in this installment. And it’s a welcome addition. The feel of the slide is good and doesn’t overcomplicate.

There are also new playable classes that are unique additions to the franchise. FL4K the Beastmaster presents a little like Zer0 did from Borderlands 2, but FL4K gets fuzzy friends to help battle Psychos and Tinks. 

The offering of Cooperative and Competitive modes to give players different ways to play with friends allows players to choose individual loot catches or the traditional way to get that precious loot. 

A Refreshing Addition to a Classic Series

Overall, Borderlands 3 offers its fanbase and new players a great and immersive experience that the franchise is known for.