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Nokia Lumia 925 Review

Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia Lumia 925

The Lumia 925 appears to be an incremental update addressing most of the 920’s complaints. The first thing you will notice is that the heavy polycarbonate shell has been replaced with a lighter aluminium one.

It’s amazing just how much better the handset is to hold when it’s almost 50g lighter and 2.2mm thinner than its predecessor. The slightly rounded edges and corners make the phone feel more natural to hold. Still missing though, as with most Windows Phones, is the inclusion of a microSD expansion slot. The Lumia 925 comes with 16GB internal storage (Vodaphone will have a 32GB variant) which is half the capacity of the 920.


ProcessorDual core 1.5 GHz MSM8960
Display4.5" PureMotion HD+ AMOLED
768x1280 resolution
334 ppi
Camera8.7 MP
1080p HD video
Front-facing camera
LED flash
Carl Zeiss lens
Optical Image Stabilization
Battery Life17 hours talk
457 hours standby
NetworksGSM 850; GSM 900; GSM 1800; GSM 1900; W-CDMA 850; W-CDMA 900; W-CDMA 1700; W-CDMA 1900; W-CDMA 2100; LTE BC2; LTE BC4; LTE BC5; LTE BC17
SoftwareWindows Phone 8


Aside from being a little slimmer, the 925 is pretty much the same size as the Lumia 920 and a little smaller than the Sony Xperia Z.

Sony Xperia Z vs Nokia Lumia 925

Sony Xperia Z vs Nokia Lumia 925



The Lumia 925 continues with the trademark bump on the back of the handset surrounding the camera lens. The 8.7 megapixel camera is the same one we saw in the Lumia 920. The inclusion of a flash and an additional glass lens make it one of the better phone based cameras on the market. The low light samples when compared to the Xperia Z Ultra (no flash) are worlds apart.

Some daylight photo’s:

Some low light photo’s:

Whilst the default Windows Phone camera app is good, the inclusion of Nokia’s Smart Camera app takes things to another level. Smart Camera enables burst mode and advanced editing features such as selecting the best shot, combining images and motion focus. The ability to take panoramic and cinemagraph mode shots still exist albeit via a different app.

The physical shutter button on the side of the phone was a nice touch giving a true compact digital camera experience.

Platform Challenges

The Lumia 925 is a Windows Phone 8 device. When I had a look at the 920, the Windows Store was scarce and the overall user experience wasn’t what I was hoping for from the alternative mobile OS. Fortunately, these days most apps are now available in native form for Windows Mobile including Tapatalk and Instragram. Things are hopefully starting to turn around as we start to see an increase in quality apps removing another barrier for new entrants.

Final Thoughts

I owned the Lumia 920 for around 6 months, and I hated it. The Lumia 925, whilst retaining most of the same internals, has changed my opinion on Nokia Windows Mobile handsets. The lightweight metallic body is elegant and the latest updates to Windows Phone 8 along with a much more mature Windows Store provides a fluid and rich experience that you would expect from a company wanting to set itself apart from the regular iOS and Android crowd.

For anyone wanting to experience the Windows Phone for the first time or even thinking of upgrading their old Windows handset, the Lumia 925 is definitely one to consider.

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