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New microSD Readers with USB Type-C and micro-USB Connections Announced by Lexar

Lexar C1 microSD Reader

Lexar C1 microSD Reader

Following on from the new High-Endurance microSD announcement, Lexar have announced 2 new microSD card readers. Including both USB Type-C and micro-USB connections, the new C1 and M1 products provide users a flexible method of quickly and easily transferring video and photo content of Android and action\aerial cameras.

Lexar outline the following key features:

  • Easy process to transfer content to or from the card reader
  • Provides memory expansion to your devices
  • Perfect for those that use sports camcorders or aerial cameras
  • Compact and portable

Photography and video devices that have a USB Type-C port will use the Lexar C1 microSD reader. On the other hand, the M1 will target those needing a micro-USB interface. The M1 will be popular amongst Android users as those devices typically support micro-USB.

“Photography enthusiasts and smartphone shooters no longer have to wait until they are back home or in the office to edit and share content. Whether they’re offloading stunning action photos or epic adventure video, it’s now easy to wirelessly upload content, regardless of location.” – Steffi Ho, Lexar Product Marketing Manager (2016)

These microSD readers haven’t been released yet but we are told that they are coming soon. Similarly, they will be available through your regular Lexar stockists.

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