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New High Power Surveillance-Specific Switches joins the D-Link Power over Ethernet switches range

D-Link ANZ have added two new products to their Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches range with the introduction of the 10 port DGS-1100-10MP and 26 port DGS-1100-26MP models.

The DGS-1100 switch range is designed with the requirements of small, medium, and large enterprise businesses. The 10 port switch comes with 8 PoE and 2 SFP ports, while the 26 port switch comes with 24 PoE and 2 combo UTP/SFP ports. Both switches come with the extended PoE budgets, 130W for the 10 port, and 370W for the 26 port. Both devices also come equipped with fibre uplink ports and ERPS support for added layers of backup safety. As well as failsafe and instantaneous recovery options usually associated with much higher end devices

DGS-1100-10MP Surveillance Switch

Both DGS-1100 devices support easy-to-deploy setup for cameras, and VoIP. A user-friendly and more intuitive web interface allows greater accessibility then before. Packed with 6 kV surge protection on all PoE ports, these devices are heavily protected against power surges, faulty cabling, and the in-built surge protection can limit the damage from internal and external devices, as well as network connections.

DGS-1100-26MP Surveillance Switch

Supporting high-speed Gigabit wired connectivity, backwards compatibility, as well as advanced green technology, the surveillance switches are also backed by D-Link’s lifetime warranty with advanced replacement care.

The 10 port DGS-1100-10MP and the 26 port DGS-1100-26MP Switches are available through D-Link and through D-Link distributors now. The 10 port is available at a RRP of $549.95, while the 26 port is pricier at RRP of $999.95.

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