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New High-Endurance microSD UHS-I Card Announced by Lexar – Designed for 24/7 Video Monitoring

Lexar High-Endurance microSD UHS-I 64gb

Lexar High-Endurance microSD UHS-I 64gb

Today Lexar announced their first high endurance microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-I cards. These new cards are designed for environments that have extensive write/erase cycles such as video surveillance and dashboard cameras. Depending on capacity, the new cards are capable of recording up to 12,000 hours of FHD (1080P) video content.

The key features include:

  • High endurance memory
  • Designed for recording profiles of security and dashboard cameras
  • Records up to 12,000 hours of video
  • Uses UHS-I for superior performance

According to Lexar product marketing manager, Steffi Ho:

“This is a unique product for Lexar, as it’s been specifically engineered to meet the ever-growing demand for capturing hours of home security and dash cam video.”

She went further to describe how the new cards aid with the criticality of the data being stored:

“The footage recorded by surveillance cameras can prove incredibly valuable, especially in times of crisis, and reliable memory solutions are crucial in keeping that information securely stored. With Lexar High-Endurance microSD cards, consumers can rest assured, knowing the cards have the capacity, long life cycle, and durability required to keep precious data well-protected.”

The new cards will come in 32GB and 64GB capacities and are expected to retail in Australia for AUD$44.95 and AUD$69.95 respectively.

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