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Navman Releases MiVue730 and MiVue800 Dual Camera Dashcams

Navman MiVUE800 Dual Cam

Navman have realeased 2 new dashcams into the Australian and New Zealand markets. With the new MiVue730 or the MiVue800 Dual Cam dashcam you can be confident that every aspect of your drive is being captured in great detail. With the MiVue800 Dual Cam you have the added benefit of a second rear HD camera to capture any incidents that occur at the back of the vehicle.

“As dash-cams increase in popularity it’s more important than ever to own one because if an incident occurs, and you don’t have one, another party may be able to present stronger evidence about the event compared to you.  It is also vital to purchase a device that does more than just record. Even though we don’t like to think about being involved in an accident, if one does occur there is no point having a dash cam if it doesn’t provide as much quality footage as possible to help you build a strong case for police and insurance companies.

These devices go beyond just providing footage – our MiVue800 Dual Cam kicks it up a notch with two cameras that record exceptional quality footage of what’s happening in the front and behind your car at the same time. There are also useful features on both devices to keep you safe on the road such as a headlight reminder, prompting you to turn your lights on when your surroundings are dim, and a driver fatigue alert encouraging you to stop and take a break when you have been driving for over two hours.

In-built GPS tracking on the MiVue730 and MiVue 800 Dual Cam devices will provide you with specific details about how an accident happened, including the location and direction a crash occurred as well as the speed you were travelling at when it unfolded. This can be viewed on your computer via the MiVUE Manager – Navman’s desktop software. While Optimised day and night recording also means footage is clear and dynamic, even when driving at night and in bad and bright weather conditions.”  – Wendy Hammond, Managing Director, Navman Australia.

The MiVue730 comes with a 2.0” screen and the MiVue800 with a larger 2.7” screen. Both units come with a wide angle (130 degrees) to help capture even more of the surroundings. Similarly, both include a 3-Axis G sensor that helps determine impact zones in the event of an accident.

Both units take micoSD cards up to 128GB capacity and come with a 12 months warranty. The MiVue730 has a RRP $159 and the MiVue800 Dual Cam has a RRP $269. The units are available now from your local Navman stockists.

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