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Navman MiVUE 698 Dual Camera Reviewed

NAVMAN Mivue 698 Dual Camera

NAVMAN Mivue 698 Dual Camera

Car accidents are an inevitable part of our everyday lifestyle. With the volume of cars on the road today, it’s not surprising to see the increasing popularity of dashcams. One of the dashcams in the spotlight at the moment is the Navman MiVUE 698 Dual Camera.

The Navman MiVUE 698 Dual Camera is a dashcam, featuring both, rear and front cameras. Coupled with the High-Definition (HD) screen, it provides the driver a greater video coverage of their surroundings. Similarly, the unit’s safety features include:

  • Lane departure alerts
  • Front collision alerts
  • Front departure alerts
  • Speed alerts


The unit comes with a dual camera, which not only provides you with a rear, but a front coverage of the whole road as well. The MiVUE 698 Dual Camera is also equipped with a front departure alert system, which notifies you if you have stopped behind a car, and that car has moved without you noticing it. In low light conditions, the MiVUE 698 Dual Camera makes sure to alert you through its lane departure alert systems.

The headlight alert system is handy for those that forget to turn their lights on in a low light area. In addition, the GPS tracking system will record all the information about your speed and your route, providing you a detailed report on all the events. If that’s not enough, the unit is also equipped with high-quality and glass wide angle lens. This provides you with a better and wider coverage of the road.

NAVMAN MiVUE 698 Dual Camera Specifications:
Dual Channel (Reversing Camera)Y (Included) Full 1080P
G-Sensor (3-axis gravity sensor)Y
GPS Chipset & TrackerY
Safety AlertY (LDWS, FCWS, FDWS, Headlight Alert, Fatigue Alert+ Safety Cam)
Motion DetectionY
Park ModeY
Photo ModeY
Advanced Optics6 Glass Front / 5 Glass
Flash Memory (RAM)128MB
Expansion Memory SlotMicroSD (< 128GB)
Battery240 mA
Power Adaptor5V/1A
Screen Display2.7" LCD
LensCMOS (130 deg front & Rear)
Format (pixels)MP4 (1296p) JPG (2304x1296)
Resolution2304x1296P (Front)
1920x1080P (Rear)
Recording Speed30 fps
Video CompressionH.264
Recording ModeContinuous / Manual / Event
Event Recording Times Y
Optimised Day / Night Recording Y
Languages (PC Software) EN, CH
Warranty1 year


The MiVUE 698 worked as expected with recording auto start on engine start and video rotation as the media reached capacity. The quality of video wasn’t too shabby either with number plates easily recognisable from the front and rear cameras.

Final Thoughts

The Navman MiVUE 698 Dual Camera is an exceptional choice if you are looking for a feature packed dashcam. With the help of a High-Definition screen and a GPS tracker, this camera can provide you with a wealth of information. If you are looking to install a dashcam, be sure to include the MiVUE 698 Dual Camera in your list.


9 thoughts on “Navman MiVUE 698 Dual Camera Reviewed”

    1. Hi, unfortunately we haven’t had the pleasure of reviewing the Blackvue DR650GW so can’t really comment. The MiVue 698 was an impressive little unit though. If I manage to get my hands on the Blackvue we will be sure to let you know.

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  2. Hi, The cable with two cords that connects to the front dash cam is shown heading towards the left side of the car (passenger side) in my Navman Mivue 698 instruction manual but my cable heads towards the right (drivers side) ? Did your cable head towards the right or left?

  3. Hi ive have had a 698 in my car for three weeks i have chosen to leave it in my car 24/7 we have had a few hot days an i have been worried about a pointers about care for you navman 1 keep your device away from excessive moisture an extreme temp 2avoidexposing your device to direct sunlight or strong UV light for long periods.3 overheating may damage device all of which have concerned me as my navman died today charge light on but no display i panicked an took it back to the store an got a replacment Phew . I am intrested on your thoughts as one of the features that impressed me was the parking feature as where i could have footage while the car was parked could you advise me yours sincerly Winston

  4. I have had my Mivue 698 since May 2016 and I agree the unit works well, when it isn’t frozen! Mine will freeze on almost all journeys longer than 20 minutes – for at least 10 and today 35 minutes after unplugging! I hope it’s just a faulty unit – and currently waiting to hear back from the supplier.

    1. That’s odd and I didn’t experience those issues in the month I had the unit. I did use it hours upon hours a day and the only issue I had was not having a large enough memory card in the unit initially. I would strongly recommend either getting them to look at it, or perhaps even try a different memory card in case it’s freezing due to a card failure or compatibility issue.

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