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Mount-It! MI-3352LTMN Laptop Desk Stand and Monitor Mount Reviewed

Mount-It MI-3352LTMN Laptop Desk Stand and Monitor Mount

If you want to maintain your overall health and well-being even if you’re working for hours on your workstation, it’s time to invest in ergonomic desk solutions. And when we talk about ergonomics, the Mount-It! MI-3352LTMN Laptop Desk Stand and Monitor mount is it. With its flexible and practical design, you can conveniently and comfortably change the orientation or position of your monitor and laptop/tablet.


The Mount-It! MI-3352LTMN is made of die-cast aluminium alloy, which means it is durable. This is important given the weight of some modern-day laptops. This desk mount should be able to carry them with ease as it’s rated to hold up to approximately 20kgs.

The mount comes with two arms, one for the monitor and the other for the laptop. Alternatively, you can use it for dual screen mounting if you don’t wish to install the laptop shelf. The supported screen sizes are between 12 and 24 inches, which are standard for laptops and newer desktop flat screens.


The main purpose of the mount is convenience and ergonomics. With this, you can quickly and easily adjust the position or orientation of either or both of the mounted screens. You can tilt them by 80 degrees, rotate them by 360 degrees (landscape or portrait), and swivel left to right by 180 degrees. All these adjustments can improve your well-being while working for a number of reasons. One, you can customise the positions of the screens to reduce the glare and minimise eye strain as you move from one screen to another.

This ergonomic device is also compatible with VESA mount, which means compatibility with almost all the current appropriately sized monitors. The mount may be used by one person or shared with another person, in which case it maximises the available working space.

The Mount-It! MI-3352LTMN comes with a fairly basic but useful cable management system. You can hide the cabling easily for a clutter free install. In the end, you have a more organised workstation.

If there’s one thing that seems to be missing here, it is the chance to change its length. It could have made the mount ideal for standing-sitting desks. Moreover, the screws have the tendency to become loose, although the process of installation is fast and easy. Fortunately, this is very easy to remedy by using an Allen wrench.

Final Thoughts

The Mount-It! MI-3352LTMN Laptop Desk Stand and Monitor mount for your monitors and laptops is what you need to maximise desk space and maintain a clean working environment. By being able to adjust the position of the screens, you can reduce the stress on your neck and eyes. It works great with tablets too. We use it for our workspace that houses a Microsoft Surface Pro and 27” ASUS screen.

If you are looking for a budget desk mount for your laptop/tablet and screen, the Mount-It! MI-3352LTMN is one to consider.

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