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Mini PC ProArt PA90 Review

Professional mini PC for content creators featuring 9th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics, Thunderbolt™ 3, DDR4 RAM, M.2 SSD and 2.5-inch HDD

True to its name, art is what the ProArt PA90 was made for. The ProArt PA90 was designed and built with creative designers in mind. It has been rigorously tested to ensure the best possible performance, not only in terms of functionality but also in speed of operations.

ASUS Mini PC ProArt PA90

The 64GB of 2666MHz DDR4 RAM capacity eliminates the time spent waiting on disk-intensive procedures like file transfers, working on multiple files simultaneously, and working with large files. The Thunderbolt 3 interface provides up to 40Gbps read/write transfer speeds, as well as allowing you to daisy-chain multiple drives to a single port.

Multimedia files are notoriously large and designers often need several open at once, which can prove all but impossible with slower processors. The 9th Generation Intel Core processor and NVIDIA Quadro graphics card provide smooth, fast performance regardless of the size or number of files you have open.

Plenty of ports on the back of the PA90.

The Intel Optane technology and all-in-one CPU cooling system also improve workflow efficiency by ensuring peak computer performance. Providing up to 38% better airflow than other models, it is both quiet and eco-friendly. The trick here is that, when the CPU temperature hits 80° (F), the top literally lifts up to allow more air into the machine!

The curved design makes the towerless intrusive and strikingly similar to the design of many digital, personal assistants and stereo speakers, so it shouldn’t stand out in your home office, bedroom, or even your living room. Better yet, the see-through casing design option makes the ProArt PA90 tower a work of Art in and of itself, and quite a conversation piece.

With all of that said, you are looking at shelling out a bit of coin for the PA90. So, the ProArt PA90 is likely to be well out of your price range. Some argue that it should not be labelled a “Mini” PC, at all, given its features, capabilities, and sticker price. If you can afford it, it will certainly make your life easier – but, unless you need it, a less expensive model may be the better choice.

While it has more power than most full-fledged PCs, the Mini PC ProArt PA90 is not cheap. However, the PA90 will definitely make working with large files, and multiple files, much easier, and its unique design means that it will be at home in any room of your house.