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Microsoft Surface Pro 2 – Rumored Specs

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Surface Pro

There is a lot of speculation around what the Surface Pro 2 will bring. Paul Thurrott, over at his SuperSite for Windows appears to have some firmer details of what we can expect to see. Firstly, as expected and what should have been with the first Surface Pro, Microsoft will move to using the new Haswell Core i5 processor. This should deliver better performance and improved battery life over the current generation Surface Pro. Combine that with the Power Cover and you’ve got some serious battery life on this thing.

The next bump will be memory. It’s believed that this will double to 8GB, my hope is that there will also be 16GB option or at least a user upgrade path making it a true desktop replacement candidate. The kick stand will also have a slight modification allowing for a dual position lock instead of the single angle we currently have.

In terms of design, the Surface Pro 2 will be almost identical to the Surface Pro, the next update is more about the inside rather than out. Still too early to find out what the price will be but let’s hope that it’s cheaper than the current model.

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