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Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Announced

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Surface Pro 2

Microsoft has announced Surface Pro 2 along with some interesting (good) upgrades. The screen resolution continues to support 1080p and USB 3.0 ports are still included. However, the Surface Pro 2 boasts better colour accuracy and when docked will support up to a whopping 3,840 x 2,160 resolution. The CPU has been given an upgrade to Haswell, no surprises here but what did surprise many was that Microsoft opted not to go with the Y series (designed specifically for low powered portable devices). Instead, Microsoft have gone with the Core i5-4200U (what you would find in an Ultrabook) 15W Haswell. Still, even with the more powerful processor, Microsoft claim a 75% battery performance improvement.

 Surface Pro 2Surface Pro
Dimensions10.81" x 6.81" x 0.53"10.81" x 6.81" x 0.53"
Display10.6-inch 1920 x 108010.6-inch 1920 x 1080
Weight2.0 lbs2.0 lbs
ProcessorCore i5-4200U with HD4400 Graphics (15W Haswell ULT)Core i5-3317U with HD4000 Graphics (17W Ivy Bridge)
Storage64 or 128GB (4GB RAM)
256GB or 512GB (8GB RAM)
64GB or 128GB
Battery42.0 Wh42.0 Wh
PriceFrom USD$899From USD$899

The Surface Pro for me was good enough to be a desktop replacement, this new Surface Pro 2 with a more powerful processor and accessories such as the dock places a number of Ultrabooks and desktops in the firing line.

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