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Magellan Echo Review – The Smarter Way to Exercise

Echo Family Metric


Magellan, a well known and respected brand in the GPS industry, has entered the local sports and fitness smartphone app market with the Australian launch of the Magellan Echo range of Bluetooth capable watches. When paired with your iPhone (other platforms are not currently supported), the watch streams details such as distance, time, calories and even heart rate from your phone app in real-time straight to your wrist.

What’s in the box?

The review unit sent to us by Magellan was the Echo plus HRM (Heart Rate Monitor).

Magellan Echo Packaging

As we can see on the box, only for use with an iPhone. It’s a pity that Magellan chose to limit it’s use to Apple when Android phones hold a larger market share.

Only for iPhones

Inside the box you are presented with the Echo watch, Heart Rate Monitor and strap for the monitor.

Box Contents


Here are a couple of high resolution images of the watch itself, courtesy of Magellan:

Echo Blue black face Metric Echo Orange Side Metric


The battery life is expected to be around 6 – 12 months. This isn’t really a problem as the watch is powered by a standard button type CR2032 battery. These are readily available at most stores.

Let’s Get Started

We should note that the mobile phone needs to be in close proximity to the watch in order for the following steps to work effectively. The first thing that was required was the installation of the Echo Utility from the AppStore. Once installed, the watch and the heart rate monitor were paired with the iPhone. This was a relatively easy process with no issues encountered.

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As soon as the watch connected, it discovered an update and requested permission to download and apply.

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Once connectivity was sorted and everything confirmed as working, it was time to find and install a compatible fitness app. After this was installed, the watch and monitor needed to be paired with the new app so that data could be collected and/or presented back.

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That’s pretty much it, all you need to do now is get out and start running. With the right fitness app, you will be able to track your routes, performance, vitals etc…

Final Thoughts

At a time where smart watches are slowly becoming prominent, Magellan have come to market with a watch that arguably sits in a niche area in between smart watches and regular watches. Its seamless integration with some of the big names of fitness apps gives it a distinct advantage over anything else that is currently available. Not only that but it comes with an affordable price tag – Echo Watch $149RRP and Echo Watch with HRM $199RRP.

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