Logitech MK850 Performance Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Reviewed

Logitech MK850 Performance Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo




Build Quality





  • Bluetooth Smart Connection & 2.4 GHz wireless connection
  • Range of 10 meters
  • Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking, 8 mouse buttons and hyper-fast scroll wheel


  • No print screen button on keyboard
  • Tends to trap dirt easily

When you are looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse combination, you just need it to perform. Logitech is well-known for making quality products that are still affordable, but how does the MK850 wireless keyboard and mouse stack up to the competition? We’ll take a look in this review.

The Logitech MK850 is a major improvement over the previous models that Logitech had released. However, that’s not to say that those keyboard-mouse combos were bad. They were anything but. The entire line has been pretty consistent over the years, but the features that this product has are some of the most advanced ones yet.

Logitech MK850 Design & Build

There are a lot of terrific features that come with this wireless keyboard and mouse combination. First, it features a range of 10 meters, which is plenty of range for you to use it across the room if you’d like. This is a much better range than most of the wireless K/B-Mouse combos on the market.

Another great feature is the way that this keyboard is designed. It has a palm rest so that you can easily type comfortably and you can even adjust the tilt angle of the legs if you want to make it even easier on yourself.

Logitech MK850 Cushioned Palm Rest

This is an extremely well-designed keyboard and mouse, and judging from some of the reviews that have been left for it, it is extremely durable as well. This set has great features and will last for a long time.

There are a couple of disadvantages that come with this keyboard but they are fairly minor. The first is that the palm rest gets dirty easily and is difficult to clean. It is the material that it is made out of. While it is super comfortable, it just traps dirt easily.

The only other thing is that this keyboard doesn’t include a Print Screen button. This might be a problem for anyone who is used to using it to take screenshots, but you can always remap if you need to or use an app to take screenshots.

Logitech MK850 Performance

The battery life is amazing. Instead of having to remember to recharge your devices daily, or always needing to keep batteries at the ready because you burn through them so fast, you just use standard AA or AAA batteries every few years. The keyboard battery life is an expected 36 months and the mouse is 24.

What really makes this keyboard and mouse different is also probably its best feature. These days, everyone uses multiple devices, and this can allow to you use those devices easier. That’s because this will allow you to set it up for three devices at once and then switch between them with a touch of a button. You can type on your home computer at your desk, and then easily switch to your tablet somewhere else.

Easy Switch keys

Should You Buy it?

So, should you get this keyboard and mouse combination? If you are like most of us and multiple devices, then this is the perfect keyboard for you. It’s comfortable, it works flawlessly, and the price isn’t too bad either. You can probably find less expensive keyboard and mouse combos, but they’ll eat up your batteries and work on only one device. All in all, this is a recommended purchase.

Logitech MK850 Performance Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Personal Computers)


  • Logitech MK850 Performance Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo
  • Contoured right-handed mouse with hyper-fast scroll wheel enables you to fly through documents and web pages
  • Type quietly and comfortably for hours at your desk on a full-size keyboard with cushioned palm rest and carefully-crafted keys
  • Both keyboard and mouse are fully multi-device and multi-OS friendly for powering through projects
  • Start typing on your computer, then switch and type on your tablet, phone or on a second computer

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