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Logitech Litra Glow Reviewed

  • 02 min read
  • 05 Feb, 2022
Logitech Litra Glow Reviewed

You owe it to yourself to ensure that you have proper lighting when you use a webcam for video - whether it is streaming, recording, or video chatting. Not only is it important to look good on camera, but the quality of the video stream is important as well. A grainy or poorly lit video stream is less engaging to others than a clear video.

The ring light from Logitech is an excellent product and comes at an affordable price. Logitech designed the Litra Glow for anyone who wants to look good on the webcam. This includes streamers, content creators, and those who make video calls. It incorporates Logitech’s TrueSoft technology, which Logitech claims delivers natural-looking, balanced light across all skin tones.

Logitech Litra Glow Design

Litra Glow is designed to be tailored to your specific needs. Powered by USB-C, the light plugs into a USB-C socket and sits on top of your monitor via a monitor mount, which can be rotated, tilted, and adjusted for height. Removing the mount allows the Litra Glow to be used with a standard camera tripod.

There is an on/off switch on the back of the lamp, as well as a five-stage color temperature and brightness control. If you use the Litra Glow with a computer that runs a Mac or Windows operating system, you can also install the Logitech G Hub, which allows you to continuously adjust both settings.

Final Thoughts

Streamers who are seeking the value offered by one of the most popular ring lights may not realise they need the Logitech Litra Glow. Litra Glow offers many benefits, ranging from the ease with which it can be mounted on my monitor to the Logitech G Hub integrations with mice and keyboards.

One of the most attractive features of this light is how long I can use it without experiencing discomfort. 

Logitech’s Litra Glow offers an excellent alternative to the traditional ring light. With its compact design, it sits unobtrusively on the monitor, reducing desk clutter and eliminating the need for a tripod. Controlling the light with the free G HUB software, or using a Logitech G-series mouse or keyboard, is a very convenient feature.

For the price, it’s a no brainer from me.

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