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Logitech K580 Slim Multi-Device Keyboard Reviewed

Logitech K580 Slim Multi-Device Keyboard

Trying to find the right keyboard today is never simple or straightforward, not because there are so few top options to pick and choose from but because there are so many.

At the same time, Logitech is responsible for making some of the most popular keyboards on the market right now. The Logitech K580 is quickly becoming one of the most popular wireless options available, thanks in large part because of its multi-device connectivity capabilities.

Initial Impressions

Super light and compact, this keyboard never really feels like a full-size keyboard when you are carrying it around. However, it has a full-sized keyboard feel when you are typing away (thanks to the dedicated number pad at the right of the hardware).

Love the low profile keys on the K580

The Chrome OS layout is very comfortable and easy to use, even if you aren’t taking advantage of a Chromebook or mobile device. The inclusion of the smartphone tray at the top of the hardware makes using mobile devices with this keyboard pretty effortless. That said, it works just as well with laptops and computers, too.

Connectivity Capabilities

The dual wireless channel capability of this keyboard is what helps to separate it from the rest of the pack.

You’ll have an opportunity to pair this keyboard up to your “everyday” computer or device and also parrot to your smartphone or tablet, flipping between the two almost instantly just by pressing a single button at the top of the keyboard itself.

The Logitech K580 works well with the latest iPhones as well

The Logitech K580 is a game-changer for those that want to work as efficiently as possible, really helping you to cut down on the amount of hardware you have cluttering up your workspace without compromising on subcompact keyboards that leave a lot to be desired functionality wise.

Ease of Use

The thing most people are surprised at with the Logitech K580 is that it is such a pleasure to type on, especially over long periods.

The scissor-switch keys aren’t quite as buttery smooth as a mechanical keyboard. Still, the experience is pretty solid, with just the right amount of travel time for each key to feel responsive and snappy.

All in all, this is a fantastic keyboard for those that want multi-device functionality.

Final Verdict

When you get right down to it, a compact keyboard with full wireless capabilities and the opportunity to pair with multiple devices at once is a bit of a niche piece of hardware

At the same time, for folks that need this kind of reliability, you aren’t going to find anything on the market today better than what the Logitech K580 brings to the table.