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Logitech G915 Lightspeed Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Quick Overview

Trying to find a high-quality gaming keyboard that’s also a dream to type on is next to impossible.

Or at least it used to be until the Logitech G915 came along.

Before this amazing wireless mechanical gaming keyboard, you only had two options.

You could go with a dedicated gaming option designed to help you dominate when you were competing online but kind of fell apart when you needed to type productively, or you could go with a mechanical keyboard that felt buttery smooth while you were typing but was an absolute monster to use while gaming.

The Logitech G915, though, combines the best of all worlds in a ridiculously attractive package. Learn more below. But first, a quick video from Logitech that showcases this thing of beauty.


  • Fantastic, low-profile key switches without a lot of travel
  • Wireless connectivity without any input lag
  • A number of customizable media, macro, and profile key switches
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Top-tier battery life


  • Not all that affordable price point
  • The jump to a mechanical keyboard is a little drastic
  • Some find the RGB set up to be a little “much”


Logitech continues to smash it out of the park when it comes to high-end keyboard options, with the G915 leading the way as far as hybrid gaming and mechanical keyboard devices are concerned.

Super attractive with a very modern look and design, this is a more low-profile and sort of minimalist take on a gaming keyboard (especially compared to the competition) that a lot of people are falling in love with.

Sleek, lightweight, and featuring a professional look (really set off by all the aluminium accents) it’s hard not to like all that this keyboard has to offer from a design standpoint.

Keys and Feedback

As far as mechanical switches are concerned (the individual keys on the keyboard) typing on this is an absolute dream – once you get used to it, of course.

The key travel is about as perfect as it gets thanks to the low-profile keys themselves working with the switches, resulting in a buttery smooth “click-clack” kind of feedback that just feels so good after you’ve been using a keyboard like this for a while.

Combine that with the multitude of different customizable buttons and options that you can play around with on the Logitech G915 and the potential to make this keyboard your own from gaming or a productivity standpoint is off the charts.

Bells and Whistles

For starters, the wireless connectivity of this keyboard can be set up to work over Wi-Fi or the latest Bluetooth generation (with an ability to automatically flip from one to the other depending on what signal is strongest).

The built-in RGB lighting system can be customized from top to bottom using the included Logitech software, software that also helps you to program each button that you want to control – with an option to create macro buttons to improve productivity or to use while you are gaming.

The real star of the show here has to be the mechanical switches themselves, though. They just feel so good when you get used to using them (something that can take a little bit of time if you haven’t ever used a mechanical keyboard in the past).

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, the Logitech G915 is universally regarded as one of the best wireless gaming keyboard options around – especially for those that want mechanical switches.

The price point is a little steep (that’s for sure), but if you’re in the market for a premium that’s going to work wonderfully right out of the box and provide you with years of functionality thanks to its build quality and its customization options, this Logitech G915 is the way to go.