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Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Reviewed

Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

In recent years mechanical keyboards have seen something of a resurgence in popularity, especially among gamers. The possibility of endless customization using button caps, when combined with better tactile feedback, make for a tantalizing proposition. But as you may very well know, the wireless gaming keyboard market is a bit of a ghost town, especially when you compare it to the vibrant field teeming with great wireless gaming mice. But that seems all set to change, with the release of the Logitech G613.

Main Features

The G613 is truly unique in the world of gaming keyboards. It is the first-ever mechanical keyboard with a wireless connection. And that connection is not just optional; it is the only way to connect this keyboard. It has Bluetooth, as well as the proprietary LIGHTSPEED dongle system developed by Logitech. With full mechanical keys, 18-month battery life, and programmable keys, the G613 looks a very tasty proposition indeed.

Design and Ergonomics

The G613 shares a lot of the fundamentals with the company’s top-ranked mechanical gaming keyboards, the G810 and the G910. But while that is a wired keyboard, the G613 foregoes some basic features in favor of wireless. The main casualty is the RGB lighting. To prolong battery life, Logitech has omitted this feature altogether. Disappointing, yes, but a very sensible move indeed because flashy lights can drain any battery in double quick time.

Extra “G” Keys

The G613 also gets an extra set of programmable keys, called “G” keys, which feature prominently on the left border. It lacks an analog volume control though, which is a feature found on the G810. Everything else is quite standard, with large full-size key print, gaming and media switches, and Romer-G mechanical switches. It also has a built-in wrist rest, which is non-removable for some strange reason. That feels like an oversight from Logitech. Another slightly off-key feature is the inclusion of a plastic stand for a phone or tablet, with no docking or connectivity options, almost like a vestigial organ.


The default choice for gaming should be the LIGHTSPEED dongle. This is where you get the ultra-low latency and uber-rapid report rate. Bluetooth is an optional extra, but we wouldn’t recommend it as it lacks the latency or the fast 1ms report rates. Should Logitech have included an option for a wired connection as well? There is nothing wrong with going full wireless, especially when there are no wireless gaming keyboard options on the market at the moment. But still, adding a USB option would have increased the versatility of this keyboard.


The Logitech Gaming Software is lean, mean, and extremely stable. It is also packed with customization options for the various Logitech gaming peripherals. But the G613 lacks many advanced features, like the ability to store custom profiles, or the ability to customize individual keys. You can only customize the special “G keys,” which is a disappointment.

Gaming Performance & Battery

In actual performance, the G613 is identical to the wired mechanical keyboards from Logitech. The accuracy and control are all there, along with the crisp tactile feedback and response. This is a true mechanical keyboard and does not disappoint on the gaming front in any way. It is on par with all wired keyboards, especially when using the Logitech dongle. The Bluetooth option can exhibit inferior performance and latency though.

As for the battery backup, it promises 18 months of usage on a pair of AA batteries. Now, we have no way of comprehensively verifying that claim (other than using this keyboard for 18 months!). But even with constant usage for three weeks, the battery meter still displayed full bars on our test device. At this rate, the G613 should last for six months at the bare minimum.

Final Thoughts

As the first wireless mechanical gaming keyboard, the G613 is a step in the right direction. It has some minor to moderate drawbacks, which are thrown up in sharp relief when you consider the premium asking price. The minor annoyances really weigh this keyboard down. The fundamentals are solid though, and if you must have a wireless mechanical keyboard, this is a solid option.

Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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