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Lifeprint 3×4.5 Hyperphoto Printer for iPhone & Android Reviewed

LifePrint 3×4.5

Almost everyone loves taking photos with their mobile device. As such, being able to instantly capture and print as souvenirs for close friends, family members, relatives, and colleagues becomes highly desirable. With a ton of options on the market, printing photos from our android and iPhone devices has been easier and more possible than before. But it can be confusing selecting one that suits our needs.

That said, one that stood out for us was the Lifeprint 3×4.5 Hyperphoto Printer. We managed to grab one to review so let’s take a closer look.

A Few of the Pros

  • Bigger Details of Prints
    Lifeprint 3×4.5 Hyperphoto Printer is a redesigned product. This allows Android and iPhone users to print 3 x 4 Polaroid size photos. Of course, many of us enjoy bigger and more visual details of prints.
  • Better Performance
    Known to have an improved color algorithms, Lifeprint 3×4.5 Hyperphoto Printer adds and enhances greater color clarity to every print. Whether you want to create prints of majestic scenery, special events, or images of countryside life, this printer is equipped with the cutting-edge technology that makes aesthetic colors in all your images.

Some Cons

  • Issues with the Smartphone App
    There is no such thing as a perfect printer for Android and iPhone. Even the best Lifeprint 3×4.5 Hyperphoto Printer has downsides. We had some mixed performance issues with the application on iOS 12 beta. With the official iOS 12 release around the corning, we are fairly confident that if any issues still exist, that the developers will address them.
  • App’s User Interface
    The app interface could do with some work to make it a little more intuitive and user friendly.

The Lifeprint 3×4.5 Hyperphoto Printer was fun to play around with. If you are needing a fast, clear and instagrammable photo experience, this is definitely something to explore. It won’t break the bank and can help bring back the nostalgia of the old Polaroid cameras.