Lexar M1 microSD Reader Reviewed

The Lexar M1 is a compact microSD card reader that promises to provide an easy method of transferring content to/from your micro-USB enabled device. Some of the key features of the M1 include:

  • Easy process to transfer content to or from the card reader
  • Provides memory expansion to your devices
  • Perfect for those that use sports camcorders or aerial cameras
  • Compact and portable

Design and Build

The Lexar M1 microSD card reader is very small and portable, with a surface area smaller than a 20c coin. The build material is plastic and has a microSD slot on one end and a micro-USB interface on the other.



Simply attach to your compatible device, in our case an Android 6.0 tablet and start using.


Lexar M1 attached to an Android tablet
Lexar M1 attached to an Android tablet

Our tablet detected the USB reader immediately and offered the option to either use as secondary storage or as a USB mass storage drive. The later allows you to have more portability if you want to read the card of another machine without causing too many issues on the current device.


The Lexar M1 worked as expected. It’s small size and plastic build makes it extremely light, portable and convenient for offloading content from mobile devices on the go. Those same features make the M1 a great travelling companion enabling travellers to keep a backup of the photos and videos taken on their mobile devices. The Lexar M1 is ideal for people that consume a lot of local data on their devices.

Post Author: Noeneel Sharma

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