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Lenovo Legion 7i Gaming Laptop Review

Lenovo’s Legion line has been a treat for gamers since it was first launched in 2017. Their newest entry is the Lenovo Legion 7i, a super-sleek yet high-performing device aimed at giving ultimate gaming pleasure to users. The laptop comes in a number of variants depending on the chosen memory, RAM, and display type. Let’s take a dive into this new device, its specs, features, pricing and overall experience, and find out if it is truly worth the hype.


The laptop features a slate-grey coloured, precisely crafted sleek chassis with a high-quality aluminium body. It has a professional yet stylish and modern appearance. The ‘Y’ logo is now placed in the top-left corner of the laptops’ lid- in earlier models, it was in the centre.

You will also see an updated Lenovo logo badge in the bottom-right of the lid.  

The laptop looks futuristic once in its’ full glory after you turn the lights on. You will then see an RGB-lit keyboard with customizable lighting, and the Y on the lid also lights up. The laptop has a cool, upbeat look but if you want to do serious work, you can turn down the lighting and have a completely professional-looking laptop. 

On the left side, there is a USB-C port, complete with Thunderbolt 3 support. There is also a headset port here. On the right side is a USB 3.1 Type-A port. Other ports available towards the back are two additional USB 3.1 ports, an HDMI port, Ethernet jack, and the main power connection. 


You get a slim, portable laptop with a 15.6-inch full-HD screen (1920 x1080p), WVA, 500 nits, anti-glare display. It also boasts a 240-Hz refresh rate, which makes it a breeze to scroll through, and amps up the gaming experience with a blazing fast frame rate.

Overall, the screen is excellent for it’s’ visuals, colours, and details. We can say that the screen has the right amount of punch for most users. The nits are also higher than most other premium gaming laptops, so we fully recommend this screen for viewing pleasure. 


Each key is individually backlit and the keyboard also has Lenovos’ signature ‘Soft Landing’ switches. We think the keyboard is decently soft, quite responsive, and fast. The only small drawback, some users might feel is that it is not very spacious and somewhat cramped.

However, this model also has a Numpad, and the 4.2 x 2.8-inch trackpad is a charm to use. It is smooth and very comfortable to use. 

A super-cool feature is the high customizability of the Legion 7i keyboard lighting. You can use the in-built Corsair iCue software to create lighting animations such as a spiralling rainbow. Or you can choose a stationary colour instead.


The Lenovo Legion 7i is quite powerful and can multi-task like a boss. It easily zips through internet browsing and you don’t face any lags here. When it comes to gaming, the Legion 7i performed well. It does not outshine some other premium rivals like Asus and ROG Strix Scar G15, but it does stand among the high-performing league. 

Battery Life

The laptop has an adequate battery life for gaming devices and lasted for 4 hours and 37 minutes in the Laptop Mag Battery Test.

Final Verdict

Lenovo Legion 7i is an overall great laptop for most regular gamers. With its stunning design, smooth speakers and an excellent display- most people would enjoy the experience it offers.

More hardcore gamers might benefit from an even more heavy-loaded gaming performance that other rival brands offer. However, for the base price and specs, and especially VR users, the Legion 7i is an excellent option for a huge majority.