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Laser Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone in Matte Black (AO-BT88NC-BLK) Reviewed

Laser Bluetooth Headphones

We decided to take a look at Laser’s AO-BT88NC, a noise canceling Bluetooth headphone that targets audio enthusiasts. The AO-BT88NC is designed to completely eliminate ambient sound so that you can enjoy your music.

With the AO-BT88NC, we hoped to be immersed in pure recorded sound with the outside world effectively shut out. Using it as a regular headphone did a great job removing the surrounding sound. A quick flick of the active noise cancellation button and you come to realise just how much ambient sound was still leaking through before. Now to listen to Spotify without distraction.

The AO-BT88NC headphone uses Bluetooth technology and can be paired with two devices. The headphone can be wirelessly connected to mobile gadgets, tablets, car audio system and your smartphone. This headphone’s EDR (enhance data rate) enables faster speeds in transferring data from one device to another. Its data transfer speed is more than 2 Mbps. That’s quite fast for a headphone. That said, we did experience a couple of minor stutters with Spotify playback. I don’t believe it’s related to the headphones as Netflix audio streamed flawlessly.

The AO-BT88NC headphone also comes with a built-in microphone. You can also use this headphone to receive calls while you’re on the go. Similarly, speak to the headphone and it will obediently comply with all your commands.

Key Specifications of the AO-BT88NC

  • Connection type: 3.5 mm headphone jack, micro USB (for charging)
  • Bluetooth: version 2.1
  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Battery Life and Charging Time: maximum of 12 hours, charging time up to 4 hours
  • Stereo Sound: Bluetooth ADDP for CDs
  • Wireless Music: Bluetooth HSP
  • Wireless Chat: Bluetooth HSP
  • Headphone voice control: Bluetooth AVRCP (control device, phone, AV, iPod)
  • Charging Socket (DC/USB Input: Micro USB
  • Microphone: Built-in for chat
  • Wireless Range: Up to 10 meters

Advantage of the AO-BT88NC

Active noise cancellation

How does the AO-BT88NC headphone differ over other headphones? One of the main advantages and key differentiator is that the AO-BT88NC uses active noise cancellation whereas a number of others use passive noise cancellation.

A passive noise cancellation system minimises the outside noise by using soundproofing techniques. Typically, such phones use ear cups that are tightly sealed to prevent outside noise from penetrating the ears of the user. It is just like riding a car with windows closed compared to a car with open windows.

Active noise cancellation is a little more advanced than that. Instead of only relying on soundproofing, headphones with active noise cancellation are built with electronic circuitry that cancels all ambient sounds using a microphone that picks up the surrounding noise.

The microphone sends the signals from the outside noise to the electronics which will help create opposite sound waves which go to the ears through the earpiece and thereby cancel or negate the outside noise. This is exactly the noise cancellation process of the AO-BT88NC headphone.

Final Thoughts

For its price, the AO-BT88NC headphone is a great buy for the budget conscious audio enthusiasts. Its active noise cancellation also makes it perfect for the daily public commute.