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Laser Full HD Dash Cam

Laser Full HD Dash Cam

With Easter upon us, it’s a timely reminder to stay safe on the roads. And if you haven’t already got a dashcam, you should look at one today. There are countless dashcams available on the market. However, if you are sitting on the fence and want to test the waters first, Laser has a great budget dashcam available.

Laser has an entry-level $60 Full HD car crash camera available through their online site or Big W stores. A cost-effective 3rd eye for the car during these holidays or at any time you are out on the road. The Laser Full HD Dash Cam is a perfect introduction to dashcams.

Some of the benefits of a dash cam include:

  • Eye witness in the event of an accident
  • Catch car park culprits
  • Protect against insurance scammers
  • Capture evidence of illegal activities on the road in the event it needs reporting
  • Replay a day out in the car – e.g. track day