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Knowledge is Power for PlayStation 4 Reviewed

Knowledge Is Power: That ’70s Trivia Game in 2017

Knowledge is Power

The newest suite of games for Sony PS4 is all about accessibility and having fun with family and friends, even those who are not comfortable wielding a controller. That is why the PlayLink series of games allow for the use of a mobile device like your iPhone instead of a controller. And one of the more relaxing and family oriented titles in the suite is Knowledge Is Power. Let see why this game might be the perfect addition to your holiday fun schedule in 2017.

Main Features

As the title suggests, Knowledge Is Power is a fun trivia game for a bunch of people to play together in the living room. As such, the single-player aspect is pretty non-existent in this game. And it is entirely social, casual, and eminently accessible. All you need is a mobile device each to hook up and start playing. If you and your gang of friends (and family) love old school trivia games like Trivial Pursuit, this one would be right up your alley.

Presentation & Design

The whole game has a very charming, classic TV game show vibe. If you are a fan of Pixar style animation, you will simply adore this game’s visuals. Everything is extremely colorful and cartoonish. There is a lot of bright lights, and excellent animations as well. Each player gets to choose an avatar, and there is plenty of choice on offer here: from astronauts to lumberjacks, princesses, to characters in funny suits. There is a little-animated host to control the proceedings, in a setting that looks like a 1970’s TV studio game show. Barring an entirely avoidable retro grainy effect, the whole look and feel of the game are very vibrant, funny, and charming.


Knowledge is Power

This is where the whole PlayLink feature comes into sharp relief. And as a newly implemented system, it does have its noticeable wrinkles and kinks that will hopefully get ironed out shortly. To use your mobile device as a controller, you first have to download the dedicated app from the AppStore. Connecting to the system is not without its niggles, but once you are set, your iPhone becomes a buzzer for the game. It is a very innovative concept that works pretty well.

Game Rules

This is no simple question and answer game. There are several different rounds, with different rules and various extra features and strategic options. It all starts tamely enough, with an initial round of question on a topic voted for by the players. Answering questions correctly give you points which can be used later on to unlock power-ups. These Power Plays can be used to prevent your opponents from pressing the buzzer quickly, adding a fun strategic layer to the game. Some power plays freeze the answers, or cover them with goo that has to be wiped off, costing your opponents time. There are minigames between rounds, and the final round is an exciting rapid-fire section.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the game delivers a fun gameplay experience. The algorithm is packed with features that allow the game to select topics based on your group’s preferences, which makes the trivia part relatable and interesting. The gameplay is simple, but with just the right amount of extra features. And the whole experience is not too time-consuming, with each full game taking just under half an hour to complete. If you love playing trivia-based games, Knowledge Is Power is a decent addition to your collection.

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