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Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice and Song of Fire

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Limited Edition Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice and Song of Fire

Johnnie Walker, the legendary scotch whisky maker, has had an ongoing relationship with the Game of Thrones television series from HBO as well as the author of the original novels, George RR Martin. To celebrate this, they have released a new limited edition collection in time for Christmas to keep that relationship going.

In 2018 they released a limited-edition White Walker bottle of scotch. They have recently launched more limited-edition options that celebrate the finale of the television series and the end of the televised adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire.

One bottle of scotch will feature the sigil for the Starks, the direwolf, and is advertised as A Song of Ice. The other limited-edition bottle of scotch will feature the sigil for the Targaryens, the Dragon, and is branded A Song of Fire.

What is cool about this collaboration, however, is that fans of the show that are lucky enough to get their hands on a bottle of both of these limited-edition Scotch whiskies will have an opportunity to see the artwork in its totality.

Each bottle is striking in its own right, but when placed side-by-side with one another, you get to see the full scope and scale of the artwork and how it perfectly interplay’s the relationship between these two legendary houses of the Game of Thrones.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the scotch found within these bottles is identical, either. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Stark scotch, A Song of Ice, has been carefully distilled to be enjoyed over rocks with a crisp, super smooth finish and ABV that hits 40.2%.

The Targaryen scotch, A Song of Fire, is full of smoke and is full of peat with a lot of heat and a lot of fire – precisely the kind of scotch you’d expect a Dragon Rider to drink. It has an ABV that hits 40.8%.

Both of these limited-edition Scotch whiskies are available now for as long as supplies last. With Game of Thrones being the cultural phenomenon that it was the odds are pretty good that these bottles are going to go quickly. SRP $69.99 for a 700 mL bottle.