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Is the Belkin 5W Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad the perfect travelling companion for the HUAWEI P30/P30 Pro Smartphone?

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Belkin 5W Charging Pad

There is no doubt that wireless charging is convenient at home but what about when you are travelling? Belkin have a 5W Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad designed specifically for overnight or top-up charges. 5W won’t give the P30 series a full rapid charge but is enough for the intended purposes of an overnight or top-up charge.

With an attractive price and compatibility with any Qi-enabled device, the Belkin 5W Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad has found a permanent home in my travelling cables and chargers’ bag. There are faster alternatives available in the market but for me, the speed of charging while I sleep isn’t as important as waking up to a fully charged device.

If you are after something less portable but with a bit more power, Belkin also have a 10W and 15W charging stand.