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IP-COM EW9+EP9x2 AC1200 Enterprise Mesh Wi-Fi System Reviewed

IP-COM EW9+EP9x2 AC1200 Enterprise Mesh Wi-Fi System

Finding a dead Wi-Fi spot in your own home can be annoying. Sometimes though, a normal Wi-Fi router isn’t enough to cover your entire home. Challenges with improving wireless coverage are why more people are growing curious about wireless mesh products such as the IP-COM EW9+EP9 x 2 AC1200 Enterprise Mesh Wi-Fi System.

Competing against more well-known products offered by the likes of Linksys, Netgear, and even Google is a tough ask. This mesh Wi-Fi system does have its strong points, though. It should also be noted that the EW9+EP9 system is designed for the enterprise. Like most of the reviews we do, we have taken a look to see if they would also suit home/office environments.

Specifications of the IP-COM EW9+EP9x2:

Wireless Rate300+867Mbps300+867Mbps
11AC Wave 2✔️✔️
Networking TechnologyTrue MeshTrue Mesh
Antenna4 x 4dBi, Horizontal omnidirectional antenna4 x 4dBi, Horizontal omnidirectional antenna
Interface1 x Power Port
1 x Reset button
4 x Gigabit Port
1 x Power Port
1 x Reset button
WAN Portsdual WAN
Seamless Roaming✔️✔️
Mountingwall mount
ceiling mount
pole mount
desk mount
wall mount
ceiling mount
pole mount
desk mount
APP Installation and Configuration✔️✔️
Route Mode and Bridge Mode✔️✔️
Numers for ProductsMax:9Max:9
DimensionsProduct:170mm x 170mm x 36mm
Packing:260mm x 175mm x 55mm
Product:170mm x 170mm x 36mm
Packing:260mm x 175mm x 55mm
Power DimensionsExternal switching power supply 12V/1AExternal switching power supply 12V/1A

Sufficient Speed?

For many, the main consideration when purchasing anything related to Wi-Fi is what it does for speed. Will it boost speeds and if so, how big is the bump?

Utilising Wave 2 MU MIMO technology, IP-COM claim to be able to enhance your wireless reach and speed significantly.

It’s a dual-band device. You’re getting 300 Mbps via the 2.4GHz band and up to 867 Mbps on the 5Ghz band. Those speeds are not bad for an entry level unit, but you’ll be able to find others that can offer more robust performance.

The IP-COM EW9+EP9 x 2 AC1200 Enterprise Mesh Wi-Fi System’s support for beamforming helps. That’s the kind of feature you’re starting to see more in these mesh units. We can’t say it’s an essential addition, but you’ll be glad to have it.

Similarly, the EW9 includes gigabit LAN and dual WAN ports which also support load balancing and acting as a backup.

Security Upgrades

Not everyone feels completely secure using Wi-Fi, especially in a workplace setting. Concerns about hacking are hard to downplay when information thieves are always getting better. It’s another reason why this IP-COM mesh Wi-Fi kit is worth a look.

It comes with different authentication features designed to preserve the integrity of the network. This kit works with a Portal to keep your data safe.

One Key Authentication makes use of the portal and is perfect for users who will use the Wi-Fi regularly.

For everyone else, the SMS Authentication and WEB Account Password Authentication are available. With SMS Authentication, potential users will first have to provide their mobile number before gaining internet access. WEB Account Password Authentication asks for an account and password.

In terms of keeping the network secure, you’ll appreciate the capability of this kit.

Eliminate Dead Spots

Does the IP-COM EW9+EP9 x 2 AC1200 Enterprise Mesh Wi-Fi System address the issue of Wi-Fi dead spots? For the most part, yes, it does.

The 360-degree omnidirectional antennas combine with the beamforming as mentioned earlier feature to provide better coverage. As the system is modular, adding more units will give you even greater coverage span:

  • EW9x1 + EP9X1 can cover 350sqm with 60 devices capacity
  • EW9x1 + EP9X2 can cover 500sqm with 80 devices capacity
  • EW9x1 + EP9x3 can cover 600sqm with 100 devices capacity
Using Mesh Wi-Fi to eliminate dead spots

If the signal isn’t working great, feel free to adjust the placement of the mesh kit. The bracket included allows it to be mounted in different ways. You should take full advantage of that feature.

Final Words

The IP-COM EW9+EP9 x 2 AC1200 Enterprise Mesh Wi-Fi System can do a lot to improve coverage in your home or office, but it’s not without its drawbacks. Its speed, in particular, leaves a lot to be desired.

Overall though, you’re getting a solid mesh kit here. The enhanced security and coverage improvement it provides are adequate and they make the item worth a possible buy.