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IP-COM CPE3 2.4GHz 8dBi Outdoor CPE Reviewed


Surveillance cameras are now crucial to maintaining your home security. To improve the effectiveness of those cameras as well as the other components of your security system, you need to support them properly. You can do so by getting a piece of equipment such as the IP-COM CPE3.

CPEs may not exactly be household devices. However, they can be essential additions to your home environment if they possess the right characteristics. For example, the IP-COM CPE3 is perfect for large areas as it supports a transmission range of up to 500m. Likewise, add two to the same network to go even further.

Dimensions190.35mm x 80mm x 67.5mm
DeploymentPole Mount
Application ScenariosLong range video surveillance,data transmission and WISP CPE
Frequency Range2.4GHz
Maximum Wireless Rate300Mbps
Waterproof Level1 x 10/100Mbps PoE/LAN Port
Antennas Gain8dbi
Antenna BeamwidthHorizontal: 60° Vertical: 30°
Reset Button1
Max Power Consumption2.6W
Waterproof LevelIP64
LED indicatorPoE/LAN
Power MethodDC or Passive PoE
Passive PoEPassive power over ethenet via PoE/LAN (+4,5pins; -7,8pins)
Voltage range: 9-12VDC
Receiver sensitivityMCS0: -92dbm
MCS7: -72dbm
Operating modeAP/Station/WISP
Compliant StandardsIEEE 802.11b/g/n
Enable/Disable Wireless Radio✔️
SSID Hidden✔️
Wireless Client isolation✔️
SSID Isolation✔️
Client Limitation For SSID✔️
Wireless Access Control✔️
Weak Signal Client Limitation✔️
Transmission PowerAdjustable power by 1dBm
WMM CapableSupport
APSD CapableSupport
Wireless Security64/128 WEP
Transparent Bridge✔️
VLAN Tagging for SSID✔️
DHCP Server✔️
VPN Pass-ThroughPPTP
Remote Web access✔️
Schedule Reboot✔️
Page Timeout✔️
Ping Watchdog✔️
Time&Date Setting✔️
Firmware upgrade✔️
Backup/Restore Configuration✔️
Username Managerment✔️
System Log✔️
Managed By ControllerPC Software -- CPE Controller

Exceptional Range

The most important thing to look at when it comes to a CPE is how it operates across a long distance. After all, it’s supposed to improve the internet connection to your outdoor-based devices.

In that regard, the IP-COM CPE3 performs as expected. 300 Mbps over 2.4Ghz may not sound impressive. However, after taking into account how far this device has to work away from the network, you will better appreciate the fact that the speed, as mentioned earlier, is possible.

This CPE can work as intended thanks to the 30 meters of deployment range outdoors. Couple that with the included PoE injector and you get something you can freely locate on your property.

The antenna also helps improve the performance of this CPE. The 8dBi directional antenna gets the signal to where it needs to be. It helps minimise potential issues that could arise from interference.


It’s worth highlighting the user-friendly features of the IP-COM CPE3.

We can start with the setup.

Refer to the signal lights to find the right location for this CPE. The signal lights will tell you where the ideal location is for your CPE.

After you find the right location and get the CPE mounted, it’s a case of set and forget. Even if you’re getting two to help your surveillance cameras, getting the CPEs to work should prove easy.

Questionable Durability

One of the big knocks against CPEs is that they typically feature insufficient outdoor protection. The same holds for the IP-COM CPE3.

It features IP64 protection. This CPE can keep the dust at bay and protect against splashes, but it’s susceptible to water damage in a heavy downpour. That’s not exactly ideal for a device that will be sitting outdoors.

That said, IP-COM believes that according to the multitude of use cases around the world with the CPE3, heavy rain and most outdoor situations shouldn’t be an issue.

Final Words

You’ll be pleased with the performance you get from the IP-COM CPE3. It doesn’t stand out in any way from the other options, but the boost it provides is good enough. Locate it well on your property, and you’re getting a CPE that can improve your home security for a long time. Just don’t install it somewhere that will get a lot of rain.