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Installing Windows RT 8.1 Preview on Surface RT

Windows RT 8.1 Preview

Windows RT 8.1 Preview

Microsoft have had the Windows 8.1 Preview available for a little while now so I decided to do a quick write up on how to install this onto your Surface RT tablet. The first thing you will want to do is head over to the preview site to grab the RT version of the installer. The instructions are fairly easy to follow – tap on “Get the update”, restart when prompted and following instructions.

Clicking on the update link will present you with a dialog to download the latest installer file for Windows RT. Select Open which will download and execute the installer.

Windows 8.1 RT Installer

Windows RT 8.1 Installer

When complete, it will want to be rebooted and after you log back in, you should be presented with the Windows Store “Get Windows 8.1 Preview for free” dialog. Go to the store and download, be warned though as it’s a 3ishGB image.

Get Windows 8.1 RT Preview Prompt

Get Windows RT 8.1 Preview Prompt

After you download the image, the installer will want to do another reboot where it will start to apply the update. Once this process is complete, follow the prompts and you are done. That’s it, so simple and painless.

Windows 8.1 RT Preview Installer

Windows RT 8.1 Preview Installer

Windows 8.1 RT Live Tiles:

Windows RT 8.1 Preview

Windows RT 8.1 Preview

Windows 8.1 RT Desktop:

Windows 8.1 RT Desktop

Windows RT 8.1 Desktop

Outlook RT Yay (though not setup yet):

Outlook RT Preview

Outlook RT Preview

Thanks -=DreamensioN=- for the tip.

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