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Why Inkjet Printers Are a Better Investment than Laser Printers

When deciding to purchase a printer, you want to bear in mind the intended purpose, frequency of use, features and functionality, and affordability. All things considered, you will find that inkjet printers are more economical than laser printers. Let’s look at why.

Pros of the Inkjet Printer

When it comes to superior colour print quality and definition, inkjet printers have the edge. In fact the picture quality is excellent because inkjet printers have a higher dpi than laser printers. Replacement cartridges for inkjet printers are more economical and the process of replacing the cartridges is also simple and easy.

Many inkjet printers are all in one and offer printing, scanning, copying and facsimile features, making them more versatile for home and small office use. The combination of features makes inkjet printers more economical than laser printers.

Inkjet printers are generally smaller and are easier to store if you have space constraints. They offer a cheaper range of prices than laser printers and so you will find that inkjet printers are more economical as an alternative to laser printers.

Cons of Inkjet printers

While inkjet printers are more economical than laser printers, the print rate is slower and you will have to replace your ink cartridges more frequently although they are cheaper than laser printer toner cartridges. You can solve this by purchasing ink cartridges which have a greater print capacity, up to more than 3 times the standard number of prints in some cases. This option makes inkjet printers a more economical choice than the laser printer.

Inkjets can be messy when cleaning as the ink stains badly if it gets on paper, clothing or hands.

For example, the Epson Workforce printers we have looked at in the past, have proven to be an economical inkjet printer and also convenient for office use in churning out large quantities of documents. The convenient all in one models, which provide multiple functions and the ability to print wirelessly from remote locations, add to the versatility.

Pros of Laser Printers

The main advantage of laser printers is the efficiency they offer in terms of speed of printing.

Cons of Laser Printers

They tend to be large, bulky and very expensive which makes them not very suitable for use in a home or small office setting, making inkjet printers more economical. They also have ongoing costs like additional fuser cartridges and replacement parts, along with a maintenance kit.

In operation, they can be quite loud.

The colour toner cartridges are even more expensive than black and white cartridges. The more affordable laser printers are black and white only, and colour laser printers are significantly more expensive. This makes inkjet printers more economical.


The bottom line when making a choice regarding the type of printer you will purchase comes down to functionality, purpose and cost. Even in business settings where a large bulk of the printing may be black and white documents, colour printing does become necessary and good quality will be required. The cost, quality of colour printing, and versatility offered by inkjet printers is where they edge laser printers out of the competition. When choosing an inkjet printer there is also a much greater range of options available to choose from. An inkjet printer is more economical than a laser printer from the start, and the ongoing cost for maintenance of a laser printer will be greater in the long run if you are printing in colour.

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