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In-house Paper-making as Developed by Epson

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Epson PaperLab

Epson PaperLab

Epson have just announced the development of office technology that would enable businesses to recycle shredded paper into recycled paper without needing to use water in the process. The “PaperLab” as it is called, is expected to go into commercial production some time in 2016. Once available, businesses will be able to produce paper of various dimensions on demand. A prototype unit will be demonstrated at the environmental exhibition – Eco-Products 2015 between December 10 and 12.

Epson hope to deliver the following 4 benefits to businesses:

  1. Localised office-based recycling process
  2. Controlled and secure destruction of sensitive documentation
  3. Rapid production of various types of paper
  4. Reduced impact on the environment

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