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Improve Your Homes Security – D-Link DCS-8100LH HD 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera Reviewed

D-Link DCS-8100LH – HD 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera

D-Link, a leading global provider of network technology solutions, has come up with an improved Wi-Fi security camera for the home. Its DCS-8100LH HD 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera will enable you to monitor your home 24/7, where ever you are. It is equipped with a night vision together with motion and detection features that will alert you if there are intruders and see them even in the dark. This camera can provide you peace of mind if that’s one of your concerns.

One thing that you will like with D-Link’s DCS-8100LH HD 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera is its 180-degree image capture. That means this camera will provide you a wider view of your home. Other cameras are just limited to a maximum of 120 degrees. With this wider view, there is no need for you to re-focus the camera on different corners of your home. Just one setting will more than suffice.

You can easily set up the DCS-8100LH HD 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera after unpacking it from its box. This is made possible by D-Link’s mydlink app, which you can download and install on your smartphone or tablet. There are many things that you can do with this security camera by linking it with this mydlink app.

This app will allow you to trigger a video recording, enable or disable the LED of the camera, playback the recorded footage and adjust the camera’s resolution. It will also allow you to take a snapshot, configure notifications, set the infrared mode, upgrade firmware, perform a two-way conversation, and configure trigger events.

With this camera, you can capture and record videos and then store them using the Cloud. The camera’s resolution of 1280 x 720p will provide you with clear photos and videos. D-Link’s DCS-8100LH HD 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera has 4 times digital zoom so you can close in on anything or anyone that moves inside your property. Great for when you want to keep an eye on work being done on your property:

The D-Link DCS-8100LH works well in well lit environments

With our night vision test we got a little ghosting in our image

The design of this camera is quite different from other cameras in its class. Its stand is integrated into the camera. The camera can be tilted to around 100 degrees but it won’t topple down since it is heavy enough to act as a counter-weight. This camera can be installed in different ways. With its 180-degree feature, you can rotate the stand around the camera enabling you to mount the whole assembly on a wall and have the camera tilted so that it can be leveled up.

For security and protection, the motion detection feature of the DCS-8100LH HD 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera could be its best attribute. This feature will trigger recording once it detects any movement in its line of sight. You can set the sound threshold level at which the camera will start recording. This feature has many advantages. It will notify you once someone has intruded into your home or if something has crashed or if a stove in the kitchen has exploded.

Final Verdict

For its price of AU $199.95, D-Link’s DCS-8100LH HD 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera will provide you with a 180-degree view of your home and allow you to monitor it 24/7. This camera can provide ample security to your home and peace of mind.