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Improve CPU and GPU Performance Whilst Gaming with Ballistix Top Gaming Memory

Crucial Ballistix Top Gaming Memory

Crucial Ballistix Top Gaming Memory

Ballistix has been in the memory game for over a decade and bring with them the experience gained from developing products from start to finish. In a recent press release, they highlighted four ways in which gamers can benefit instantly from additional RAM:

  • Integrated graphics are generally dependent on system memory. By boosting this to 8 -16GB you should be able to hit more pixels at higher frame rates.
  • More available memory allows the system to process more of the gameplay in real-time.
  • The Ballistix Sport memory are easy to install, literally plug and play with no more tweaking required.
  • Memory upgrades are one of the more affordable types of gaming upgrades available.

“When you’re checking out a game’s minimum and recommended requirements, it’s common to focus more on the minimum RAM your system needs to run a game. That will get you into the game, but when the visuals are choppy, you’ll want more than the minimum in your system. Give your system the resources it needs to be pumping pixels with more memory, which is also the way to improve your system without breaking the bank.”  – Jeremy Mortenson, Crucial DRAM Sr. Product Marketing Manager.

With minimum system requirements growing to cater for increasing gaming complexities, adding the best memory to your system will ensure you get the desired user experience.

“Integrated graphics are becoming more common as more gamers use laptops. In these setups, your visuals rely on system memory. Maxing out the speed and amount of RAM in a gaming laptop using integrated graphics gives you the highest amount of frame rates for your game.” – Jeremy Mortenson.

With Christmas around the corner, now’s a good time to get some Crucial RAM into those geeky Christmas stockings.

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