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Huawei StorySign Reviewed

Huawei AI technology – StorySign App

The Huawei StorySign is a platform that takes advantage of next-generation artificial intelligence technology. Paired with augmented reality, Huawei StorySign claims to be the world’s first literacy platform for children that are deaf – and it is a total game-changer.

Children have enough of a tough time learning to read as it is, dealing with all the challenges that tackling something as complex as reading can be for a young mind. Children with hearing difficulties have an even more challenging time. Reading would sometimes feel like an impossible challenge, just trying also to achieve basic literacy levels.

With the new Huawei StorySign, however, the more than 32 million deaf children around the world have an opportunity to learn how to read much faster and much more efficiently than ever before.

Huawei StorySign is a 100% free mobile application that works on both the iOS and Android platforms. The platform works to translate – in real-time – printed text on books directly into sign language.

It does so utilising the latest advancements in artificial intelligence as well as augmented reality, changing the way that deaf and hard of hearing children learn how to read.

Open up and start reading

Best of all, the platform is effortlessly usable thanks to the proliferation of modern mobile devices running iOS and Android today. All a child has to do is open up the application, open up a storybook, and then point the camera on the mobile device to the storybook they are looking to read.

Instantly a friendly reading assistant named Star begins to sign the text on the page for the children that are looking to learn and immediately. This process turns it into something that deaf children can digest a lot easier.

On top of that, the reading assistant also highlights each word as they go through the sign language. The highlighting of words helps to reinforce the children’s vocabulary in several different ways, making the learning to read process a lot more streamlined.

Incredibly, the Huawei StorySign came to light in partnership with the European Union of the Deaf, members of the British Deaf Association and the Deaf Australia Inc. organisation, as well as a collaboration with Penguin Books (amongst others).

This collaborative process has allowed hundreds and hundreds of children’s books – classics and modern titles like – to be available through the Huawei StorySign platform. It doesn’t stop there, hundreds more already in the pipeline to be added to this software soon.

The Huawei StorySign is a breakthrough innovation in the world of literacy that has the potential to change the lives of millions of deaf children around the world for the better.