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HUAWEI P30 Lite Reviewed

As the “lite” version of the flagship the HUAWEI P30 Pro Android device it would be easy to expect this smartphone to come in a little underpowered and lacking when it comes to top-tier features – we were pleasantly surprised to learn that nothing could be further from the truth.


The P30 Lite is compact in size and ultra-lightweight compared with the P30 and P30 Pros. Some of the key features include:

  • Low price point with AUD$499 RRP
  • Available in Midnight Black and Peacock Blue
  • Capacity is 4GB + 128 GB
  • Triple Camera supporting 24MP Wide Angle Lens, 8MP Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens, 2MP Dedicated ‘Bokeh’ Lens

The HUAWEI P30 Lite isn’t quite as advanced or as cutting edge as its “big brother” P30 Pro. However, it still offers blazing fast speeds, advanced wireless standards, and plenty of storage as well as other major technological advances that make it an attractive option for those on a budget.

Built around the Kirin 710 smartphone processor chipset and delivered with 4GB of RAM this Android device will satisfy your basic multitasking and power (hungry) application needs.

The 6.15 inch full HD+ resolution screen on the HUAWEI P30 Lite is visually stunning. While it isn’t quite on par with AMOLED screens the difference is really negligible. The LTPS LCD panel brings vivid colours to life and allows for incredibly responsive tactile feedback on a touchscreen that is large but definitely not unreasonably so.

The fact that the HUAWEI P30 Lite runs the latest version of Android (Android 9) right out of the box is a huge bonus for those that want to take advantage of the latest and greatest advances Google has cooked up for their mobile operating system. On top of that, the EMUI 9 user interface from HUAWEI makes navigation simple and straightforward while introducing a lot of gestures and touched commands that are similar to the ones that ship with the iPhones.

The back of the P30 Lite

As far as design is concerned, you’ll have a tough time finding beautiful smartphone on the planet today. The back is iridescent and absolutely gorgeous, the kind of phone that is going to immediately grab the attention of anyone and everyone the moment that they set eyes on it.

The ability to handle two nano SIM cards makes this a true international phone that frequent travellers and business-minded individuals are going to appreciate as well. Combine that with the radio antennas that take advantage of the latest wireless signal technologies around the world as well as Bluetooth 5.0 cooked right in and you’re looking at something really special here.

Beautiful, intelligently engineered, and leveraging high quality materials throughout – with the latest version of Android running the show – the HUAWEI P30 Lite may not be classified as a flagship device in today’s ultracompetitive mobile handset market, but there aren’t too terribly many people out there that would argue this doesn’t have flagship power and design on display.

But wait…..there is more. There is currently a promotional bundle, while stocks last, where P30 Lite purchases will include the HUAWEI FreeBuds Lite. I have a pair and must say that they sound great!