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HTC Vive Has Thrown Their Hat in the Ring as a Viable Virtual Reality Developer

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The HTC Vive is the culmination of the combined work of HTC and Steam/Valve to create a Virtual Reality (VR) device to compete on the market against Sony’s PlayStation VR, and Facebook and Oculus’ Oculus Rift. The Vive has already a major advantage over the Oculus Rift as it being developed in partnership with Valve. Valve is the biggest games distribution platform, as well as being acclaimed software developer, developing such titles as Half-Life, and Portal.

VR will provide consumers with a new way to experience games, entertainment. VR will provide a way for the user to get immersed inside the world of the game they are playing, watch movies and feel as if they are there right now. That is just the beginning of where VR can lead to, constant development and creative consumers, VR has the potential for something extraordinary.


HTC Vive

While the price of the Vive and PlayStation VR are unknown, HTC and Valve has been provided a great opportunity to enter the market sprinting following the backlash that Facebook and Oculus received after they revealed the pricing of the Rift – priced at USD$600 and over AUD$1000 factoring in conversion rates, shipping, and GST.

The likelihood of the Vive costing less than the Rift is unlikely as the Vive will reportedly target high end of the consumer market. But as is the case with new and innovative technologies, consumers will have to deal with the higher cost of being early adopters.

Pre-orders for the Vive begin February 29, with the VR device going on sale in April. Expect more pricing and confirmation of the final product, features, and accessories closer to the pre-order date.

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