HP USB Drives Powered by PNY

HP x796w

When you are looking for simple, straightforward, stable, and speedy USB storage you need look no further than this HP USB drive from PNY.

Available in a variety of different sizes (from 32 GB up to 1 TB) and two different colour schemes, this USB drive takes advantage of USB 3.1 technology with full reverse compatibility down to USB 2.0 as well.

The “popout” design protects the actual USB connection itself, the drive offers high-speed transfer capabilities up to 200 MB per second, and the reputation this drive has for stability and security is off the charts.

HP x760w

The HP x760w is designed to provide physical, portable storage in a world where cloud storage solutions dominate, these new USB drives from HP and PNY can only be described as game-changers.

Lightning fast and capable of providing up to 1 TB of storage space, these drives are small, sleek, and compact options that offer the kind of physical security you’ll never get with cloud storage options.

Very versatile, these USB drives can be used to store software, applications, backup photos and critical data, or just to transfer documents quickly from one device to another. This flash drive is optimized for USB 3.1, but it has backwards compatibility down to USB 2.0 as well.

HP v245w

One of the coolest looking USB flash drives your find on the market.

Featuring a rubberized, very rugged, and easy to grip surface that also protects your data from water and weather, there just aren’t a lot of other USB flash drives out there that could survive in the elements the way that this one can.

You have the option between a lavender or orange colour scheme to choose from. All in all, though, if you need to secure your data in pretty harsh elements these are the flash drives to go with.

HP v150w

A very modern approach to USB flash drive storage, HP and PNY created a flash drive that is durable, secure, and lightning-fast in this device.

Engineered to feature a thin, 100% capless design the drive is housed within a metal alloy frame that protects your data within. Available in a couple of different sizes (starting at 32 GB) this drive is compatible with all USB 3.1 drives with backwards compatibility to USB 2.0 as well.

Affordable, reliable, and safe this is a great option for those that want to store or share documents and data, videos, music, and media or more.