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Happy With My Skullcandy Venue Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones (Black)

I recently received these new Skullcandy Venue active noise-cancelling wireless headphones. Like everyone else, I’m doing a lot of my work online. They’re perfect for all my needs and are comfortable to wear all day. It’s amazing how many built-in features come with the headphones, and they are still lightweight. Not only are they great for work, but the music sounds crystal clear and beautiful.

Keeps The Noise Out 

The active noise cancelling function filters are amazing. I have two kids, and things can get pretty loud around our house. I put these on while studying and listening to relaxing music, and it feels like I’m home alone. They are also excellent for use at libraries or any other public places where you may want to study or rock out to some good tunes without interruption.

Tile Technology, Monitor Mode, And More

Tile technology is brilliant! I’m always sitting things down and forgetting where I left them. Anytime I sit my new headphones in a random spot that I don’t remember, it’s not a problem because I’m able to use this neat tracker to find them. Monitor mode is a great idea; I love that I can just hit the button to answer my roommates then go right back to studying. 


I activate the assistant with the built-in venue button all the time because I’m awful with directions; it’s so simple to use and convenient. It’s also great for receipts or any other questions that can quickly be found on the web and simple to use. 

Battery Life & Wireless 

The battery life is outstanding and lasts longer than any of my previous headphones ever did. I use the headphones all day and usually charge them at night while I’m sleeping, and they never run out of power. The wireless range is also sufficient. I am all over the place during the day, including inside and outside of my house and don’t have any issues. 

Perfect For Me

All in All, these headphones have everything I could ask for any more and are perfect for me. The headphones are sturdy and super user friendly. Comfortable to wear all day, and you can use them to listen in class, to music, or even if you’re trying to block out noises around you. I love the Skullcandy Venue active noise-cancelling wireless headphones and highly suggest buying them. 

If you want to grab a pair locally, head over to either the Skullcandy website or your nearest JB HiFi.