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A Guide to the Galaxy of No Man’s Sky on PlayStation 4


PlayStation and Hello Games presents ‘No Man’s Sky’. One of the most ambitious and anticipated games of the year is all set to take flight. With the console release of the game imminent, PlayStation Australia and developers Hello Games present ‘A Guide to the Galaxy’, a new look the world of No Man’s sky and the journey the players will be able to embark on their quest to the centre of the universe.

The ‘Guide to the Galaxy’ video which can be viewed here covers the four pillars –exploration, survival, combat, and training. Players will have a massive and expansive universe to travel and discover, a procedurally generate open universe, No Man’s Sky has over 18 Quintillion planets to explore. If a player were to visit each one for a single second, it would take 585 billion years to see them all.

No Man’s Sky takes flight August 10th on PS4 in Australia and August 12th on PC, for RRP of $99.95AUD. To find out more about No Man’s Sky click here.

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