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God of War – Playstation 4 – Can Kratos Win His Battles in the Latest Installment

Awe-inspiring graphics

The latest God of War video game on PS4 is very different from its predecessors. It takes this popular franchise into a whole new direction both in its story and its gameplay. The developers at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio have now focused their attention on the Norse pantheon after successfully exploring Greek mythology in the previous installments of the video game.

A majority of the contents of this latest offering from Sony are new and are built from the ground up. For those who have played God of War’s previous installments, occasional features of the previous games will pop out, such as enemy and chests juggling. But apart from these, not many features or characters have been retained. It appears that this latest video game is purely fresh and the player has no need to learn of Krato’s previous battles before he clicks the start button.

This Is A Completely New Story

The battles between Kratos and the Gods of Olympus are now over. This new story of Kratos is not taking off from his victories against those mythical gods. But God of War focuses on a totally different story based on Norse tradition with its monsters as well as its gods. Now, Kratos is forced to fight in order to survive in a harsh and unforgiving Norse world.

He also wants his son to fight and endure as he does. This battle-tested warrior does not want to repeat the mistakes he committed in his bloodstained battles with his enemies in Sparta. In such manner, God of War is a video game that reimagines all the impressive features of the franchise. These hallmarks include breathtaking panoramas, marathon boss fights, and vicious combat. This video game fuses all of these in a moving and dramatic narrative that re-creates the world of Kratos.

What Is The Gameplay?

A majority of God of War’s game mechanics were overhauled. This time around, Kratos is using a different weapon – the Leviathan axe which possesses some magical powers. This axe can be upgraded by the player in various ways. There are two slots in this axe, one for a light rune and another for a heavy rune. This gives the player the ability to deliver two types of attacks. He can perform light attacks using the light rune and heavy attacks using the heavy rune.

Having magical powers, Kratos can use the axe as if it is a boomerang. He can throw the magical axe towards his enemy and then freeze it. A player can feel exhilarated when he hits it with his bare fists together with his shield. In all its new elements, God of War can still be considered as a video game of action and adventure that is focused on strategy and tactics.

In the latest God of War video game, Kratos will be challenged by three Norse monsters. They are Draugr, an undead warrior whose pure rage is blight on Midgard, Fire Troll, a monster with elemental powers and possesses incredible strength, and Revenant, a formidable sorceress who is very devoted to Seider magic. Will Kratos and his son defeat these monsters? Only by playing God of War will a gamer know.

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