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Fujifilm Launches High-capacity LTO Ultrium 7 Data Cartridge with Barium Ferrite Magnetic Particles


Fujifilm LTO Ultrium Data Cartridge

Fujifilm have launched the LTO Ultrium 7 Data Cartridge – LTO7. From the beginning Fujifilm has lead the industry in research and development of magnetic tapes, giving them the ability to commercialise and constantly be a market leader. The LTO7 is built for backup and archival of large volume data – offering 15TB storage capacity, and 6TB for uncompressed data. The LTO7 provides a high-speed data transfer rate of up to 750MB/s. More than double the storage capacity of the LTO6 and almost double the speeds.

The rise of high quality, high quantity data such as 4k and 8k HD videos. Combined with cold-data – data that is rarely accessed is estimated to account for over 80% of all data. These factors has brought about the issue of needing suitable high volume storage devices to meet the demands of the ever increasing data volumes.

Portability, efficiency, cost of ownership and providing a suitable alternative long-term storage has resulted in an increase in popularity and demand especially among major data centres, and that demand for magnetic tape storage will only continue to grow. The LTO7 is just the next step in Fujifilm’s continued leadership in the development of magnetic tape storage.

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