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FreeNAS 9.0.1 RC1 Released

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Last week, the folk over at FreeNAS, announced the release of FreeNAS 9.1.0 RC1. As the alpha and beta cycle is now officially over, no further enhancements will be provided to this build beyond bug fixes.

Major changes:

  1. Version 9.1-STABLE of FreeBSD with performance improvements, bugfixes, and updated software packages.
  2. Many improvements to the ZFS filesystem, including feature flags,TRIM support, enhanced drive removal notification, LZ4 compression,improved ARC memory reclamation and reliability improvements.
  3. Improved Plugin Jail subsystem which supports multiple jails andan enhanced UI including enhancements from PC-BSD Warden.
  4. Improved Volume manager including auto optimization of volumesfor performance.
  5. Improvements to the encryption subsystem.
  6. Documentation enhancements.
  7. Increased base image size to 3.7GB.
  9. **IMPORTANT** Backward compatibility of FreeNAS 9.1 ZFS pools with older versions of ZFS is not to be expected. Upgrade pools with extreme caution, as all ZFS pool upgrades are one-way and only FreeNAS 9.1, FreeBSD 9-STABLE, and FreeBSD 8.4 currently support this ZFS pool format.
  10. To convert 8.* pluginjail to a 9.* pluginjail, please run the jail migration script like so (prior to configuring jails):/root/ -D
  11. Any plugins installed will need to be updated manually, this can be done
  12. on the services->plugins page.

Remember, this is a release candidate release only so should not be deployed to production environments.

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