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Ergotron MXV Desk Dual Monitor Arm (Polished Aluminum) Reviewed

MXV Desk Dual Monitor Arm – Save Some Space

Ergotron MXV Desk Dual Monitor Arm (polished aluminum)

Right now, if you look online, you’re going to find a variety of different desk dual monitor arms and for this reason, picking the one that is the best is going to be complicated. We took time to do some research for you and that is when we came across the MXV Desk Dual Monitor arm and in all honesty, it caught our attention from the very beginning. If you’re currently looking for a nice desk dual monitor arm, then this one right here might be a suitable option for you.


No one wants to add something that is an eyesore to their desk. With this dual monitor arm, you don’t have to worry, because it really is quite stylish. Not only is it stylish, it is also light in weight. It has the modern V-shaped design and we must say, MXV did a great job with the design. Yes, as we said, it is light in weight, but it’s very stable.

Swivel Base

The swivel base makes it so that you can turn your monitor and adjust it so that you will have a comfortable viewing angle wherever you are at your desk. To be exact, it has a total of 13” of integrated height adjustment, tilt and more – all of this is available on a nice swivel base.

Swivel Base

How Much Weight Can it Support?

Of course, before you purchase this item, it is important that you make sure it is capable of supporting your monitor (we’re sure it will). This arm can support anywhere between 3.2 to 9.1 kgs (7 to 20lbs), so you should be able to put your computer monitor on it. The maximum recommended display size is 24”, which is really plenty for the average user.

Each arm can support anywhere between 3.2 to 9.1 kgs

Additional Flexibility

What’s cool about this arm is the fact that there’s additional flexibility. The additional flexibility comes from the 180-degree tilt, which we are sure you’re going to like.

Ergotron MXV Desk Dual Monitor Arm (polished aluminum)


The arm is capable of extending out up to 22.2”. This means if you move back from your desk, you will no longer have a problem seeing your screen because you can easily move the monitor forward with you.

Easy to Adjust

When it comes time to adjust the screen, that’s not going to be a problem at all. With a light touch, due to the Constant Force technology, you can easily adjust the display.

Saves Desk Space

A major benefit behind this dual monitor arm would be the fact that it will save a large amount of desk space. The narrower profile and cable management system means it won’t take up a lot of space on your desk.

Easy to Assemble

We don’t know about you, but when we receive products, we don’t like the tedious assembly process. With this product, you’re in luck, because it arrives assembles and ready to go. All you have to do is attach it to your desk (that is an easy process), add your monitor to it and adjust the tension to your liking. Yes, it really is that easy.


This arm is capable of sitting securely on your desk due to the low-profile desk clamp base.

Great for desks with only a short depth for bottom mount

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to add style to your dual monitor desk and you don’t want to sacrifice functionality, then the MXV desk dual monitor arm might just be the best choice for you. It has everything you would expect in a dual desk arm – it’s light in weight, sleek, stylish, easy to adjust and will leave a stylish impression on your work area. By adjusting the arm, you will be able to increase your comfort level, which is exactly what you need. Also, by positioning your work across two screens, you’ll be able to increase productivity. In all honesty, we can’t see what more you would want in a dual desk arm – everything that is needed can be found right here. As an added bonus, this product comes with a generous warranty from the manufacturer. That means if something goes wrong, all you have to do is contact the manufacturer and they will help you out.

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