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Ergotron HX Desk Dual Monitor Arm Reviewed

Ergotron HX Desk Dual Monitor Mount

If you are looking to improve the flexibility and the viewing pleasure of your computer monitor or TV, the HX Dual Monitor Arm is an excellent accessory to consider. The new design of the post along with the dual hinge bow offers can be utilized with two monitors that are up to 32 inches in size and comes complete with a handle that makes positioning your monitor(s) a breeze. This accessory offers outstanding ergonomics and will help to increase your viewing pleasure.

A hinged bow makes it possible for monitors to pan independent of one another, which makes this accessory an ideal choice if you intend on sharing screens. It also allows for the best possible alignment of your monitor. The Patented CF Motion Technology offers exceptional ease-of-use display adjustment. The quick release monitor makes it possible to pan and tilt monitors to get the best possible positioning for each one.

Whether you work or play on a computer, or you simply want to improve your TV viewing, you can’t go wrong with the HX Desk Dual monitor. It is easy to install, easy to operate and offers an updated, modern design, thanks to the polished aluminum finish.


The design of the HX Desk Dual Monitor Arm truly sets it apart from other similar products.

The post design has been updated and offers two hinge bows, which accommodate two monitors or TVs that are up to 32 inches in size. It is also outfitted with a handle, which allows you to easily achieve ideal positioning for your screens. The extension/retraction motion combined with the integrated height adjustment provide exceptional viewing comfort.

The hinged bow reduces strain on the eyes, back and neck and therefore will enhance your viewing comfort. It also makes it possible for monitors to pan left to right independent of one another.

The Patented CD Motion Technology allows for outstanding ease-of-use adjustment for the display. The independent quick release monitor pivots effortlessly with pan, tilt and custom positioning for both monitors. The rotation-stop on the base offers a 180 degree range, which protects the monitors by preventing them from hitting into the wall. Add to that the cable management features, which tightly routes cable monitors underneath the arm and up through the extension, keeping the neat, tidy and out of the way.

The folding arm helps to free up space in any constrained areas. It also allows for height adjustment with ease. If you’d like, you can also upgrade the arm with the HX Triple Bow Kit, creating a triple monitor arm.

The HX Desk Dual Monitor Arm passes the stringent Ergotron 10,000 cycle motion test, which will provide you with peace of mind because you can be sure that you will have trouble-free height adjustment for years to come.

The technical specs of the HX Desk Dual Monitor Arm include the following:

  • Accommodates screens that are up to 32 inches in size
  • Holds weights up to approximately 8 kgs
  • Lifts a total of 11.5 inches
  • Tilts a total of 75 degrees
  • Pans 180 degrees
  • Rotates 360 degrees


The HX Desk Dual Monitor Arm offers a wide range of features, which sets it apart from other monitor arms that are on the market. Some of the most notable features about this monitor arm include the following:

  • A dual hinged bow, which allows for independent panning, making it an ideal accessory if you are planning on sharing

    Top view showing the dual hinged bow

    screens. It also allows for the proper alignment of the screens that are displayed on it.

  • The hinged bow allows for the best possible viewing parabola, as it offers superior ergonomic comfort
  • The display adjustments are easy to use, thanks to the Patented CF motion technology
  • A folding arm allow you to free up space in any constrained areas, which means that this accessory won’t be in the way when you aren’t using it.
  • It is outfitted with a cable management feature, which keeps wires and cables neatly tucked away so you can work without distraction; plus, it also helps to improve the look of our work area.
  • It helps to eliminate scrolling, as you can rotate your screens to view photos and documents without having to scroll.
  • Thanks to the Patented CF motion technology, you will be able to take advantage of the highest level of display adjustment.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to improve your viewing comfort and display dual monitors, you won’t be disappointed by the HX Desk Dual Monitor mount. Easy to install and easy to use, this truly is an outstanding accessory.

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