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Epson WorkForce DS-780N Document Scanner Reviewed

Epson WorkForce DS-780N Scanner


Epson WorkForce DS-780N Document Scanner

In the quest to go paperless, you should pay attention to an office equipment assistant that’s not just fast and efficient, but offers the extras to streamline office operations. The challenge for large offices and organizations is bigger- find an office document scanner that can perform extremely well even when volume jobs are expected, and multiple departments and personnel are expected to work on, or share its use. On these counts, the Epson Workforce DS-780N clearly delivers as office scanner best for demanding reproduction jobs.



This Epson scanner is sheet feed and comes with an LCD touchscreen to ensure easy use and tracking of documents to be scanned. Scanning is also made easier, thanks to a direct connection to a worker’s PC, through its USB 3.0 port. The attached tray can accommodate 100 sheets at a time. The unit measures 296 mm by 212 mm by 217

Paper Tray on the DS-780N

The unit measures 296 mm by 212 mm by 217 mm, and weighs approximately 3.7 kg. Straight from the box, you will get the unit., together with the AC adapter and cable, the set-up sheet, registration card, USB cable and the software CD ROM. Available in predominantly white, with the modern-looking LCD screen, this scanner is a modern and stylish addition to any office or workplace.



This document scanner is highly recommended for use in busy offices and organizations, where multiple users are expected to work. This Epson unit can be connected to a network, allowing users to share files and documents. It means that an employee working on a document for distribution and easily share it, using just one device.

A range of connection options are available including ethernet to connect directly to the network

Security and control of the device are made possible, thanks to its Document Capture Pro 2.0 software, where the use and control of the equipment can be done remotely, from a central location. For organizations and offices that work on restricted and highly-sensitive data, the use of this Epson Workforce DS-780N scanner is a big help. The manager or the administrator can incorporate a PIN, to ensure that only the authorized employees can use this equipment. The lockable control panel of the scanner avoids tampering, and the use of pre-set job profiles will help promote an efficient workplace since it will make sure that the completed scans will be coursed through the right terminals or locations.

Its efficiency is assured, thanks to the use of ‘ultra-sonic double feed detection technology’. With this feature, you will no longer worry about a page that has been skipped, or if an extra page has been fed accidentally. This helps promote a more efficient scanning experience, reducing the amount of delays.


DS-780N Touchscreen Display

This unit comes with options and accessories like the roller assembly kit, carrier sheet, and cleaning kit. It’s a highly compact desktop unit, with a minimal footprint, and can be placed on top of the work table or desk. It comes with a range of software products including Epson Document Capture, for Mac, ABBY FineReader and Epson Scan 2. Internet connection is required when downloading. The Epson Document Capture Pro that comes bundled with this scanner will only work for Windows. It comes with a manual which should help new users understand the features and facilitate a stress-free scanning job using this Epson scanner.


Most document and paper sizes are covered by this scanner, including A4, A5, A6, business cards, letters and A3 sizes of papers supported. Users can also scan plastic cards, in portrait mode. In terms of speed, it can scan documents and paper at 45 ppm/ 90 ipm, when its set at 300 dpi. Users can also enhance the scan quality of the paper and documents, depending on the needs and business requirements. Aside from the skip blank page and A3 stitching, this Epson unit can also perform a variety of enhancing jobs. For example, a user can check out the text enhancement feature, in case the document shows texts that are blurry or printed in little ink.

Other creative features and functions that can be selected are dual image output, auto rotation, automatic folder creation and barcode recognition. This makes the Epson scanner a truly efficient and productive addition to any workplace. Users can also configure the file formats to match the needs of the business. Some of the supported output formats of this scanner are PDF, JPEG, multi-TIFF, TIFF and PDF/A. Also, the Epson Workforce DS-780N joins a long list of scanning solutions that are energy-efficient and rated by ENERGY STAR. This means that the product has met the strict requirements and guidelines of the organization when it comes to energy efficiency.

Sample 400px scan

Sample 200px scan

Final Thoughts

As part of the new generation office scanners of Epson, the Workforce DS-780N offers a more efficient and streamlined approach to scanning jobs. It even allows secure scanning jobs, allowing multiple users to use the equipment remotely. A little on the pricey side but worth every cent.

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