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Epson RapidReceipt Desktop Scanner

It is incontestable that the organisation and management of financial information can overwhelm because of the sheer amount of receipts, invoices, expenses and critical documentation that most small and home offices accumulate. It is easy to stack documents and a tedious task to process each one, which can be time-consuming and cumbersome.

As a result, data entry errors and the risk of data loss can cost businesses valuable time and money. To ease the burden on small businesses, workers and consumers, Epson released the RapidReceipt, a fast, simple and intelligent solution for scanning receipts and documents.

With Epson’s leading technological success in the scanning market, the company has focused on providing unique scanning solutions that help ease their most common pain points. RapidReceipt is the only solution on the market specifically designed for the organisation and management of receipts and invoices. Designed for small, nimble businesses, it is the ultimate organised digital filing cabinet, enabling easy financial and document management of all types of information with incredible efficiency. Perfect for small business owners, office managers, street warriors, sales representatives, consultants and gig economy employees who wear multiple hats in a short time and resources. It is a simple, cost-effective and timesaving solution for financial management.

Epson developed the RapidReceipt scanner to simplify financial management, taking speed, image quality, efficiency and low cost into account. The scanner includes Epson ScanSmart Accounting Edition software that converts a batch of disorganised receipts and invoices into actionable digital data.

Small business owners and consumers can now say goodbye to manual input of data to the RapidReceipt software that extracts and organizes data from receipts and invoices and integrate it seamlessly into Excel spreadsheets and third-party applications such as MYOB, Xero and more.

It features a rugged 100-page automatic document feeder that can accommodate multiple-size stacks of paper, an intuitive 4.3-inch touchscreen, and a convenient USB port that allows users to scan from a USB storage drive or computer. The RR-600W also features a twain driver for easy integration with document management software, including Kofax, Power PDF (Windows) and PDF Converter (Mac), allowing users to create searchable and editable PDFs at no additional cost. The BizCard software is also included with RapidReceipt RR 600W, allowing users to scan business cards and manage contact information.

The Epson scanners deliver outstanding image quality with intelligent image adjustment, auto-cropping, blank page erasure, background removal, dirt detection, paper wrinkle correction and clamp protection, allowing users to scan without worry.

The Epson RapidReceipt Desktop Scanner is now available from Epson or authorised Epson resellers for AUD $699.