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Epson Moverio BT-35E Smartglasses

The Epson BT-35E Moverio smart glasses bring Augmented Reality (AR) to the masses. Featuring SILOED binocular display technology, it delivers content at low latency from different sources. With support for USB-C or HDMI connectivity, the BT-35E’s are long-lasting and designed to be worn by a range of users.

Some of the key specifications include:

  • Display- 720p that appear as an 80-inch screen at 5M
  • Uses HDMI and USB for video input
  • Has refresh rate of 30HZ
  • 5MP camera
  • Waterproof rating but for the headset
  • Sensors- gyroscope, compass, accelerometer and ambient light sensor
  • Power input- USB Type C or USB micro –B

Hardware and heavy usage

The Epson BT-35E smart glasses use an interface box with features which allow HDMI or USB connection for low latency. The design and wearability make it suitable for a range of commercial applications. Likewise, because it is durable and comfortable, it can be worn by different users repeatedly. The glasses are moulded such that they can be worn for extended periods of time by different users irrespective of their head sizes and shapes.

Image quality

These glasses have 720p HD display and high brightness. This ensures that the images viewed are bright and of high quality. In addition, the Epson BT-35E glasses is also capable of delivering 3D content.

Easy to operate

The BT-35E can be used almost anywhere. Outdoors is not an issue as the have the flip up shade to help in sunny scenarios. Hands on with the BT-35E, you can quickly start to think about potential use cases for them:

  • Healthcare – Additional patient or procedural information for nurses and doctors during patient care.
  • Engineering – The use of data or geospatial layer augmentation at building sites
  • Apprentices – A great visual learning tool while being on the job. Can also provide a safer work environment by highlighting danger zones.
  • Drones – One popular use of the Epson BT-35E glasses is remote flying of drones. Now you can also see what the drone sees up in the air.

Final Thoughts

Easy to use and a wide range of real world applications. Whilst this is Epson’s 2nd generation consumer smart eyewear, it’s still darn good. An insight into where this technology is heading.