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Epson Launch New 3LCD Laser Projector Series With World First 25,000-lumen Projector

Epson have launched a new series of high-brightness, laser-light source projectors. The L Series 3LCD Projector series boasts the world’s first 25,000-lumen projector the EB-L25000U. The projectors are also the first to include inorganic 3LCD panels with a laser light source, and an inorganic phosphor wheel.

World First 25,000 Lumen Projector From Epson

Epson is a global leader in projector manufacturing and have completed extensive research and development to develop the L Series to continue Epson’s commitment to high-quality, top-of-the-range products. Epson have developed a new laser light source and propriety 3LCD technology, offering costumers the very best performance as well as quality. The L series boasts 4k-compatible lenses as well as the world’s first zero offset ultra-short throw lens.

The L Series has 5 projector models, with all models equipped to deliver mind-blowing image quality, reliability, and flexibility. Perfect for venues with large arenas, both outdoor and indoor, or exhibition rooms, the L Series models will have of 6,000 to 25,000 lumens.

The new line of projectors are capable reproducing high-quality images and outstanding levels of brightness. Using inorganic materials makes the projectors superior to light and heat resistance making sure the very best image, and video is reproduced. The L Series boasts around 20,000 hours of maintenance free use or 5-years warranty, offering great reliability. The projectors offer great flexibility as they are designed to be used in any venue and application.  Fully tiltable, 360 degree rotation, and a range of lenses ensures incredible versatility and endurance.

The new L series 3LCD laser projector lineup includes the following models:

EB-L25000U  – WUXGA – 25,000 white brightness/25,000 colour brightness

EB-L1505U – WUXGA  – 12,000 white brightness/12,000 colour brightness

EB-L1300U  – WUXGA – 8,000 white brightness/8,000 colour brightness

EB-L1200U  – WUXGA – 7,000 white brightness/7,000 colour brightness

EB-L1100U – WUXGA – 6,000 white brightness/6,000 colour brightness


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