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Epson DS-790WN Scanner

  • 04 min read
  • 04 Sep, 2022
Epson DS-790WN Scanner

Wireless document scanning solutions are helpful in enhancing collaboration and productivity in fast-paced business environments. This led Epson to launch the DS-790WN wireless network colour document scanner, and we took one for a quick test drive.


The DS-790WN is not only capable of connecting to a variety of different devices, but it can also be configured and captured directly from its 4.3-inch screen. Individual scan jobs can be created on the fly, or up to 30 pre-configured workflow profiles can be created. It can include all aspects of a job, including the resolution, file type (image PDF, searchable PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel), as well as the destination (local drive, email attachment, FTP, one of several cloud services, etc.).

The user authentication option can also be configured, allowing you to control who may access the scanner. Aside from 30 user-defined scan jobs or workflow profiles, the DS-790WN supports individual profiles for each user. After you have set up users, they can generate different scan jobs based on the profiles they create. Users can be created remotely over the internet and profiles can be customised.

The following are some of the key features:

  • Fast and productive scanning speeds of 45 ppm / 90 ipm enable documents to be quickly and efficiently stored and shared
  • A colour LCD touchscreen allows for easy job creation without the need to access a computer.
  • Scan directly to popular cloud services, including Sharepoint®, DropboxTM, Evernote®, and Google Drive®.
  • Scan to searchable PDF files - create searchable PDF files by scanning and editing documents.
  • Enhanced colour and image adjustments - including colour enhancement, color dropout, and automatic paper size detection.
  • Stacks of business cards and long documents can be scanned with the 100 sheet automatic document feeder
  • Easily integrate the scanner with custom business applications using TWAIN and ISIS drivers
  • Scans up to 7,000 sheets per day with a powerful duty cycle
  • Using the Epson Smart Panel App, you can turn your iOS or Android mobile device into a control center for Epson printers and scanners.
  • Set up multiple user accounts locally or remotely (LDAP support)
  • Without the use of a computer, you can scan directly to a network, cloud, e-mail, or USB stick with ScanWay standalone scanning
  • Connectivity - USB 3.0, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Gigabit Ethernet

Design & Build

As it measures only 296mm x 212mm x 217mm with the trays closed and weighs 3.7 kg, it is an easily portable design. In order to maintain a low weight and production cost, the outside of the DS-790WN is made of a rigid metal frame surrounded by impact-resistant plastic.

Assembling it takes only a few seconds once you remove all the adhesive tape securing any moving elements to prevent them from shifting in transit after unpacking. An Ethernet LAN cable, a USB cable, a laptop-style power brick with cable, and some basic printed instructions are included in the packaging.

As mentioned, the DS-790WN can be used without a computer or software installation. However, some features are only available when the scanner is connected to a network. As soon as you turn the machine on, a large, bright, and colourful 10.9 cm touch screen appears on which you can initiate a scan, change settings, and access the presets.

The DS-790WN’s automatic document feeder (ADF) can accommodate up to 100 sheets ranging in size from 50.8mm x 50.8mm (horizontal x vertical) to 215.9mm x 6096mm (horizontal x vertical). It is capable of scanning documents up to a length of 20 feet in long mode. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the device can perform 7,000 scans per day, which is a considerable number considering that you must fill the ADF 70 times in order to reach this capacity.


It is estimated that Epson’s DS-790WN will scan 45 one-sided pages per minute (ppm) or 90 two-sided images per minute (ipm), where each side of the page is counted as an image. When it comes to office scanners, this is in the middle of the pack.

Over a USB connection to a Surface laptop, I tested the Epson DS-790WN using Epson Scan 2 and Document Capture Pro applications. Our expectations were slightly exceeded by the scanner, which managed 48ppm for a single sided test and 89ipm for a double-sided test.

Final Thoughts

As compared to other high-volume document scanners, its 100-sheet ADF and excellent OCR accuracy make it capable of handling as many as thousands of pages daily, even for the most demanding enterprise applications. The price isn’t exactly a bargain, but it’s still reasonable purchase. For small to medium-sized offices and workgroups, the Epson DS-790WN scanner is an excellent choice.

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