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Epson commits to the global future of inkjet printing solutions | Epson

Epson strives to provide the best printing solutions for a variety of purposes. They are committed to inkjet and have recently invested in their own unique PrecisionCore™ technology, which will be free from many problems faced by laser-based printers, such as cost and energy usage; all at a lower price point than any other printer company can offer!

 “Epson’s inkjet printing technology is increasingly the technology of choice in many areas and most recently in enterprise and office printing environments. As we all know there are always many variations on a theme as far as technology is concerned and inkjet technology is no different. Epson has seen continued and consistent growth in our enterprise and office Heat-Free inkjet solutions powered by our unique PrecisionCore™ technology and have committed to it, globally, as the future of office printing.”

Epson Australia GM marketing, Bruce Bealby

The Epson PrecisionCore™ inkjet solutions are scalable and can be used across the board from entry level office printers to industrial large format printers.

Epson PrecisionCore™ printers use less moving parts than traditional laser technology. This makes them inherently more reliable, and that is important when printers/copiers are such an important part of time-sensitive business processes. Fewer moving parts also drive down production and service costs.

Epson’s Heat-Free Technology helps reduce the amount of power needed for printing, which benefits not only the environment but also your wallet. As a result, Epson is partnering with National Geographic’s “Turn Down The Heat” campaign to help raise awareness about this issue and save both money and resources in one go!

Epson introduces their revolutionary heatless technology that can produce up to 94% less energy than other, more traditional printers at offices around the world. This innovation will make it possible for people everywhere to do what they love while simultaneously protecting our ecosystem from climate change because electricity usage would significantly reduce worldwide if all laser printer manufacturers adopted these same innovative strategies today.

 “The Arctic is literally melting before our eyes, and what happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic. It affects the entire planet. Heat destroys permafrost and when we choose to use heat free technology, we lower our energy consumption which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slows permafrost thaw. The environmental burden from manufacturing and recycling spare parts is also reduced, as Heat-Free Technology uses fewer consumables and parts that need replacing.”

Professor Katey Walter Anthony, Arctic researcher and National Geographic Explorer